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What Remains of Edith Finch

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The Finch's family, also known as "America's most unfortunate family", believes that the family is being pursued by a deadly curse. Each generation has only one child who survived to give birth to the next one.

The player begins to act as Edith Finch, who arrives in an orderly abandoned family mansion to find out what opens the key that she received from her mother along with the will. Of course, she is most interested in the question of the family curse, or more precisely, whether she will become a victim of it. In any case, all the relatives known to her, even on American soil, died an unnatural death. Exploring the house, she opens the rooms of each deceased relative. And plunges into the circumstances of premature death of everyone.

Life (and death) of each of the deceased relatives Edith the hero resides in the image of this relative.
The essence of the game is to clarify the circumstances of the death of many members of the same family in order to see behind these deaths and biographies something common and native. It is interesting to dive not only in different human images, but also act in the guise of birds or animals.
In addition to following Edith, the game has something to inspect, search, discover and solve, play mini-games.

Release date
Giant Sparrow
Annapurna Interactive
Age rating
13+ Teen

System requirements for PC

7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Intel i3 2125 3.30 GHz or later
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 750/AMD Radeon 7790 or later
Storage: 5 GB available space
Mouse, Keyboard
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Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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What Remains of Edith Finch reviews and comments

3-4 hours to play through
Amazing gripping ermotional pathway that leads you around the twists and turns of the insight of Edith's familie's life a hereditary disease. 
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
(Possible spoiler warning) 

This was very dark and depressing but I couldn't stop playing. An engrossing, sobering look at a family dealing with (what I believe to be) inter-generational mental illness/possible shared psychosis and, rather than get help for it, attribute it to a 'curse' and continue to engage in risky behaviour. 

The main thing that keeps this from getting an Exceptional rating from me is that I found the controls to be very wonky at times (especially during Molly's level). I thought it was just a bad PC port but it was like that on console too. It's also possible to miss some family member stories during the first playthrough and you may or may not be emotionally prepared to play again. 

Other than that, this game is one of the most unique and creative games I've played so far, with some truly beautiful moments. Definitely worth checking out. 
Amazing game
«Blew my mind»
"What Remains of Edith Finch" is definitely a games which starts out slowly and just gets better and more complex as it unfolds. Each location which you find and explore tells an interesting and unique story for each character. And although sad, each story is beautifully complex. Each having a distinct personality and playful spirit, but not to a point as to loose the seriousness of the story.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
' What Remains of Edith Finch ' is once again such a Game that many Players should not do anything with. But! It's a great Experience! It is about the Reappraisal Of various Family Tragedies about the Family ' Finch '. The Player takes on the Role of 17-year-old Edith Finch, who visits her family Home for The first time after years and in this Goes on a Search for traces for the Whereabouts or Fate of various Family Members. This Search runs through the Game as red Paths as you delve into and relive the Individual Stories. This is extremely versatile: Sometimes you find yourself in the Body of a Cat, a baby, a Shark or even as a Cartoon character, and quickly you are drawn into the Action. The Whole thing is very exciting and varied, the Stories have it all and you have to force yourself not to play the Game in one Go. ' What Remains of Edith Rinch ' is similar to games like ' Dear Esther ', ' Firewatch ', or ' Everybody's gone to the Rapture ', but a little more entertaining but more intense in the Experience. You can't run in this ' Game ' either, but the Paths between the Stories are shorter. In addition, Mini-history games were installed, which makes you have some Interaction with the Environment-there are no other Possibilities for interaction in the Main Game, but the Gameplay in the individual Stories differs very different from each other. . As a Cat you have to catch the Bird, go on Foraging as a Tentacle Monster or go armed against the ' Hook man ' In the Comic history with a Crutch. These Possibilities then clearly distinguish it from the aforementioned ' walking simulations ' and make the Enjoyness of the Game a bit more versatile. I really liked it and I'm just interrupting the Game to write this Review and get some to drink! With this In mind: Have Fun at Finch! :)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I write significantly fewer Reviews than I would like, but well ... Anyway, I feel absolutely a Duty in this Game. What Remains of Edith Finch is a Masterpiece. A masterful Masterpiece in Storytelling. It's hard to describe, but I think you could classify it as a modern, tragic Fairy Tale with a good Pinch of black Humour for Adults. It is basically about a Family in which no Member of a normal death dies, in the End a Kind of Kennedy'S in Hardcore Format. In terms of Playing, it is not very demanding, the Mechanics are rather rudimentary, in Principle it goes from A to B with smaller Puzzles, but I refuse to call this Game a Walking Simulator. That just wouldn't do the Game justice. For you to like this Game, the following Aspects should be included:-you should be Able to immerse yourself in a World. If you want to "get everything done" quickly, you're wrong here. -You should leave a high Standard on game Mechanics at home. -You should be able to do something with black Humor. -You should at least have seen a Halloween Movie. Well, not necessarily, but it would potentially make for a Grin. In Conclusion, with its rather short Playing Time, this Game produces more "WTF Moments" than many 0815 80 Hours of RPG. The ~ 3 Hours were probably more Fun for me (!) than my current 70 Hours at ME: Andromeda. Especially since the few Hours still work in The Aftermath. When Storytelling, the big Studios could cut themselves off several Letters with God, SO have to be told Stories at a Game, just like that. And not in MMO Fashion, please get a First Hand box, otherwise XY dies. Yawn. The 20 Euros is absolutely justified and this Game is worth everyone, really every single Penny. It would be a real shame if you bumps into the relatively short Game Time and therefore buy the Game in the Sale. I want more games like that, I want so many more games of this Kind, but you just have to pay for that as well. Therefore, I can only appeal: If you don't Buy it in the Sale, buy it now, because at the End of the day I don't Feel like 0815 Games anymore and this Game shows how it works.
At least it is short.
What remains of Edith Finch is a "walking simulator" that wants you to be curious about the Finch family while actively punishing exploration and curiosity with slow walking speed and nothing to find.

WROEF is about the deaths of the Finch family, and puts those death into small beautiful minigames that try to capture the character of the current person. And while those vignettes are interestingly staged, they are almost always about preventable stupid deaths that are 100% the fault of bad parenting or psychic illnesses which remained untreated, and tries to frame them as tragedies.

The best things this game has going for it are the voice acting and creative minigames. Sadly that isn't nearly enough in my eyes, especially with this horrid compilation of "tragedies". The twist at the end, is not a twist and if one would want immerse themselves in this experience, I'd suggest just finding a commentary-less walkthrough.
«Waste of time»
«Reviewers bribed»
Beautiful and heartbreaking
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
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