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WindForge is a side-scrolling block-building game where you explore hostile skies in an ever-changing Steampunk world. Everything you see can be created or destroyed, creating an RPG without barriers that rewards creative problem solving and improvisation. Take off in fully customizable airships, and embark on a journey of discovery and survival that will take you to the heart of the world and beyond.

  • Epic story line and quests that drive gameplay without constricting freedom
  • The first game to include minable sky whales, and meat blocks
  • Large completely destructible procedural world with multiple environments
  • Contra-style action mixed with the creative fun of Terraria
  • Build and fly fully-functional airships
  • Over 1200 craftable items and counting
  • Easy-to-control, skill-based combat with 360-degree aiming

StorylineThe modern way of life on Cordeus is reliant on refined Sky Whale oil. Everything from the machines used daily, to the food that is eaten, is ultimately dependent on the oil. The citizens of Cordeus are so hungry for oil that the once abundant population of Sky Whales is dwindling. At current rate, the noble species will face certain extinction in a few short years. To avoid falling back into the dark ages, civilization must find a new source of energy. It is said that an ancient people named the Aetherkin had exotic sources of energy. Energy more powerful than anything any human has ever seen. Unfortunately, research related to the Aetherkin is strictly forbidden by law. In an attempt to save humanity’s way of life, YOU have been secretly hired to uncover this ancient energy source.

  • Freedom & Creativity
  • Explore, create and destroy anything!
  • A Dynamic Procedural World
  • Steampunk Airships

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Release date
Snowed In Studios
Snowed In Studios
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB graphics memory and Open GL 3 compatible GPU
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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11,421 items
Aetherkin Archeologist
Get all the ancient Aetherkin tablets.
Cordeus Connoisseur
Visit every area in the world.
Beat the game without eating any meat.
Meat Beater
Kill something with a sausage.
Shipless Travel
Travel between two towns without a ship.
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25 items
Windforge: Crafting, Airships, Giant Flying Whales, and more!
Sky jams!
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Windforge reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Accidentally stumbled upon her in GoG-and turned out to be a surprisingly cool game! * Passed for 32 hours, but continue to play interesting! * The Main thing is to overcome the first half-hour and get used to different things from other 2D sandboxes. The Main thing in this game-the story and action. The Emphasis is not on construction, as in many similar. ENT, setting, design and plot-all very thoughtful! Except that, the intriguing plot is a little overshadowed by the ending, which does not explain a couple of important issues of the plot and the netting as a whole. There are flying islands, flying balls/airships/submarines/houses (what you build), flying dogs, flying lizards, flying whales.. And Hook-Cat to live with it, go down as a spider and jump over the houses as a dock-octopus (except that rocket Rantsev did not bring). And Steampunk-setting (though steampunk is not strict, just looks like) uh... How can you not love this game?! Beautiful graphics, good animation (and who compares with the animation of 2 pixels in Terraria-nub), a lot of game mechanic, logical and unobtrusive (not necessarily for passing) crafting. Except that, the optimization of pumping-sometimes here so much collapses and falls, that the FPS noticeably sagging-but it is a small price for full destructibility and bulk blocks! Music and sounds-at the level, perfectly complement the atmosphere. The Music is dynamic, it becomes more cheerful in battle. Also, ambient tracks are nice to listen to even apart from the game. Definitely try, and to overpower at least an hour! After half an hour, many "minuses" themselves will leave. Though I was bored with such sandboxes-in Windforge played without coming off, a week, blowing drooling! Try IT and you! ;-)
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
What can I say about this game? Play with huge potential and can tighten. Interesting world and setting, very good idea with the construction and management of aircraft. Constantly playing this game I catch myself thinking to rob and disassemble flying past the peaceful pepilac. But still in the game there are unpleasant moments. 1. In essence Kraft and mining resources in the game secondary (and then ten). It is easier to get a touch and disassembly of foreign ships. And what can not be obtained in this way, it is possible to buy or dispense with it. 2. Mad spawn mobs. Being on a surface of any island time for extraction of resources simply is not present, you constantly will attack monsters. Just the problem to grab some ships, the team there seems to be endless and have to simply destroy this ship to capture. 3. Delusional idea to make the game "something like isometric"... It'S hard to describe, but I'll try. The Whole world is made of bars and the camera is located so that you lead not only the end of the bar, but also a part of its sides and top. Thus the cursor chooses Brusok not when you point on its end, and as though on the center. As a result, the system of digging-creation-parsing turns into a terrible flour "to get to the right point." They would have Done as for example in Terraria or starbaund, it would be hundreds of times more convenient. 4. Fights are very difficult, capture alone (your team will not collect you) ship without its partial or almost complete destruction unreal! And If you add the constant spawn of the enemy, it just gets out of itself. But somehow the game is worth to play it, at least for the sake of interesting ideas and feelings of "Air pirate"
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