Nov 23, 2004
Average Playtime: 129 hours


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I played WoW for a little bit way back when it first started. And only after playing other MMOs... (Everquest, FFXI, Ragnarok Online) did I go back to WoW. And I fell in love. Sadly, I've never made it to end game because of computer issues. My current computer nearly blows up even on the lowest graphic settings. Not to mention its difficult to afford it... Still, I love this game. I wish they'd bring it to consoles. I would find a way to afford it! XD
There's a reason every upstart new MMO wants to market itself as "the WoW killer," and there are reasons why WoW is still very much alive. No, I haven't played in a while, but I'd say there's absolutely no chance that I won't go back at some point, because as most people that have played WoW will tell you, you never really leave WoW. Here's the test: When you say you're quitting WoW, why not give all your gold and non-soulbound stuff away? That's right. You'll be back.
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