Ginsu's review of the game World of Warcraft
Mar 4, 2018
There's a reason every upstart new MMO wants to market itself as "the WoW killer," and there are reasons why WoW is still very much alive.

No, I haven't played in a while, but I'd say there's absolutely no chance that I won't go back at some point, because as most people that have played WoW will tell you, you never really leave WoW.

Here's the test: When you say you're quitting WoW, why not give all your gold and non-soulbound stuff away?

That's right. You'll be back.
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Sir Lagsalot
This game never let me go either. By the way, you should totally join our RAWG Discord! HEre is an invite:
Jake A. Strife
I still play WoW when I have the time and can afford it.. I just wish they would bring it to console. My computer nearly blows up when I try to play WoW.... even on the lowest settings! I cant afford a new computer, so if only they'd bring it to PS4 or even X1... I'd be set.
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