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You have no idea how long it's been since you last set foot outside your cramped little apartment. You don't really talk to anyone. You can't focus on work. You barely have any appetite to speak of, literally and figuratively. Even casually reading Twitter makes you anxious.

Somehow, you thought moving to a new city would help you meet people you actually like. That you'd find fun activities to do and better opportunities all around. You used to be pretty good at faking your way around being a social butterfly. People actually seemed to like you, and the stuff you made and performed. But now? You can't even remember being that person.

Maybe you should go outside. Maybe it will help.

CONTENT WARNING:  This is a game based on my experience having a major depressive episode. Please do whatever you need to do to be able to engage safely with this subject matter.

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Last Modified: Feb 12, 2019

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you used to be someone reviews and comments

I wanted to appreciate this more, but it didn’t prove to be very insightful.  If this person were telling me the types of things this game discussed, I would be asking lots of questions as an invitation to go deeper, but as an exploration of depression, it focused mostly on surface-level symptoms, primarily the lack of desire to do anything, and the inability to get out of the “funk”.  And then it ends.  It did make me want to get to know the creator, though, so that might be a success of sorts.

Points I thought interesting: one, the comment that being queer isn’t really much to “have in common” with someone else.  Two, that she felt guilt over having the “privilege” of having loving parents who could help in time of need, which shows the psychological damage that our anti-family Marxist tendencies as a culture are having.
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