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Zuma's Revenge!

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An irresistible force has taken our fearless frog to an island where the ribbeting puzzle-action of Zuma has evolved in amazing ways… but evil spirits and tenacious tiki bosses rule the land!
Survive the ire of the island by firing stone spheres to destroy the deadly stream of balls. Conquer over 60 levels by staying sharp and avoiding hidden traps. Slide and hop for smarter shots; hit targets for exotic bonuses; detonate new power-up balls; battle six imposing tiki bosses and guide your agile amphibian to victory in four all new game modes! Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle in this PopCap ball-blasting challenge?

Conquer over 60 levels and defeat six mini-game Boss Battles
Score explosive power-ups including three new shots
Explore new gameplay like lily-pad hopping, slide-aiming, and more
Take a shot at 70 all-new Challenges in the Jungle of Mystery, Quiet Village, Lost City and Mosquito Coast.
Run the Iron Frog gauntlet — beat 10 levels in a row!
Turn up the heat in Heroic Frog mode
Enjoy amazing graphics and effects that bring Zuma into the modern world of gaming

Release date
PopCap Games
Electronic Arts, PopCap Games
Age rating
0+ Everyone
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System requirements for Nintendo DS

System requirements for macOS

System requirements for iOS

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor:700MHz (minimum, lo-res mode); 1+GHz (recommended, hi-res mode)
  • Memory:256MB (minimum, lo-res mode); 768+MB (recommended, hi-res mode)
  • Graphics: DirectX-compatible; 16MB (minimum, lo-res mode), 92+MB (recommended, hi-res mode)
    16-bit or 32-bit color mode (256 colors may not work) -
    Note: For hi-res mode, you need at least 768MB of RAM and at least 92MB of video RAM, as well as a desktop resolution greater than or equal to 1000 pixels in height.
  • DirectX®: 8.1 (required, lo-res mode); 9.0c+ (required, hi-res mode)
  • Hard Drive: 250+MB
  • Sound: DirectX-compatible
  • Internet: Internet connection is required to register/unlock game trials

System requirements for PlayStation 3

System requirements for Xbox 360

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Last Modified: Jun 13, 2024

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Time for Tadpoles
Defeat Zhaka Mu and discover the secret of the island!
Iron Will
Beat Iron Frog in less than 25 minutes
Fe Frog
Complete Iron Frog Mode
Foie Gras
Force feed the God of Pestilence 20 balls in 20 seconds
Beast Master
Unleash your full froggy potential by fully leveling up all four Spirit Animals!
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Zuma's Revenge! reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Review of the Game Zuma 2 (Zu'S Revenge). The Word "spoiler" is meaningless here, because the game is so simple that just seeing it can understand its meaning, feel the principle. You are given in control of the Frog (Toad), which spits balls on the chain of the same balls. The Point is to destroy the chain of balls, not giving them the opportunity to roll up to the point of the map, marked with a skull. The Skull will open the jaws as the balls approach, your task is to stop them, knocking out yourself in passing various bonuses. How to do it? Next begins my favorite part, which is called "full rank". Each level is not similar to the previous, even passing a few times the same level is found "wild rank": COLOR balls, its sequence, the number of balls of different colors is constantly changing. Bonus balls arise spontaneously, bonuses falling out of them are also accidental. You can lead and you will pass the level quickly and easily, but going to it for the second time you say: "What is the hardcore?!". Despite All this are very difficult levels, and only a good combination of bonuses and your speed give you victory. Comparison with Zoom 1... If earlier (in the first zoom) was such a chip that if you punch the first layer of the ball and shoot for him in the next line of balls, you were given a big bonus to progress level, and the roll of balls slowed down, here you can forget about it, experience points you get so much The same as if shot in the first line, and the speed of "influx" does not change. In Zuma 1 You as it were said: "Good Boy! Shot the 2nd line, hitting the hole of the 1st. " And the game was very encouraged-the level was completed faster. It is a Pity that the developers have not left to the second part. In the first part if you suddenly decide to spit out the ball in the void, ie in the space where there are no balls, even accidentally, the game is quite harshly punished-balls so propped up, that some time it was not to fight back. Welcome to the second part-I do not want to spit. Here you can throw out the balls that you do not like and nothing you will not be, within reasonable limits of course, or so you can and to lose "in the Void" shoot. Also a little improved graphics, added modes, visual design, appeared more variety of bonuses. The Total... • Replay: Yes. 8/10 Why 8-sometimes still annoying. Plot. For this game of rules. It is Good that at least something was invented (in the first part of the story as such was not). • Atmosphere: It is Quite difficult to estimate, but generally good, better than in Zuma 1. • Sound Design: In my opinion is not necessary, I can not say For sure, because my assessment will be biased; Because I mute the sound and listen to my music while playing. Minus: If you accidentally turn off the power of your computer all your game progress can fly! If you are going to play the zoom on a serious level: pass on the Assa, knock out the maximum number of Achivok, etc., be careful, this game is very dynamic and does not forgive mistakes (if you often smear, not getting on the ball of the desired color, and high Levels can be enough 1-2 balls, then most likely this level will be lost). To Buy a game or not everyone decides for himself. In any case it is your choice.
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