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Pathologic 2 — Progress Report

Comment from Top Dawger

Ice-pick Lodge just drop large post about their progress with Pathologic remake.  Original game was a nightmare for usual player, but under countless bugs, poor translation and unfriendly interface was hidden a pure gem: unique world, full town of existential crisis citizens and plague that you couldn't see or find.
Good to see so many tweaks in mechanics: save/load system, lockpicking, Infection, stamina and others. Game looks much more playable now.

Also you can have sneak pick on new locations such as railroad, room design and new feature — Lucid Dreams. 
The oppressive atmosphere is still in place, which is good. Diversity of the environment will make individual buildings more memorable. Replacement of the pause bar during sleep, for the abstract dream world will be a surprise for those who have already played the original game. 

Now, go read original post for details and GIFs, then share your thoughts about the project down here. Release maybe closer as we think.
I spend 42 hours only on Bachelor story. It was really painful but impressive.