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Comment from Serge Ulankin
There's a mod for Fallout New Vegas now that imagines how Fallout 76 is going to look like. Taste the game before it is here: lots of mic-spamming kids with ridiculous nicknames, zerg-rushes and a couple of new monsters shown in the latest trailers. Link to download → 
I don't have a reason to wait for Fallout 76 anymore.
Sir Lagsalot
while this is funny and ironic, I still believe in the game. Lemme see it before I judge it

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Doesn't seem as though I'm able to embed the video, perhaps DigitalFoundry have disabled embedding or a YouTube bug has occurred, but here's a link:
Bethesda published this video with gameplay details of upcoming Fallout 76. Have to say that it looks good. 

I loved West Virgina song when I watched Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky last year. Now it is in Fallout 76 trailer. Funny how this song matches Fallout too.

It's also out on Nov 14, my birthday. I guess I now know what I want for it! But I really need to buy an Xbox first. :-D
People are already disappointed that it is going to be a 100% online game, as Todd said. But I believe there will be room for single-player style, so to speak. Like it's possible to play TES Online nearly with no interacting with other players. So I just hope that it will in a way provide some compelling experience for single-player lovers too.