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Comment from BloodScorchedSun
Compared to the previous game this game is just trash. The controls are improved for the most part but feels like they backstepped on several things. Wingsuit control seems lower making not as effective. They changed the loadout system so you can only get one thing per drop instead of a drop with one of everything like in 3. Why the hell would you do that? Had a ton of texture issues making some objectives unachievable and a reset was required. The most annoying thing is how many things in this game either stunlock you or ragdoll you. There's a cannon that requires you to remove two panels with the grapple and then destroy parts inside. This coupled with heavy armor bullet sponges with a mortar that can kill you in two hits and multiple enemies with rocket launchers pinballing you all over it makes for a very frustrating time. They also decided to bury the story missions in a pretty poor takeover system that requires destroying Chaos objects, like in the previous game but this time, they aren't marked. It's kind of wild to see them just take out features or ways of doing the same thing in the previous game and make it worse. Compared to 3 which was so mindlessly fun with very little hassle this just seems like a lot of backsteps to make a cashgrab of a product. 

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We already saw Just Caise 4 trailer yesterday, here it is:
New gameplay details were revealed. The game will have the biggest world in the series, cataclysms will affect the environment, Ricko's hook will be upgradable and so on.

And a fresh gameplay showcase: