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Best Use of the License to Date

Comment from BloodScorchedSun
I just recently replayed this to get the platinum and was once again reminded how awesome and dynamic the Nemesis system is. Honestly, I can take or leave the gameplay. I found myself trying to climb a wall when I was trying to vault an enemy numerous times and would try to dodge only to try to climb an Olog without stunning it and get thrown to the ground. The melee combat is fine and fluid for the most part. What really shines is the Nemesis system and all the random stuff that can happen. It's always fun to be on a mission and have stuff go wrong when you get ambushed by a captain and have to make the best out of the situation. This time around one of the Olog captains broke my high level sword which I didn't even know was a thing. Luckily if you go kill them you get it back with an upgrade which was cool. I really hope they actually use that system in other games after putting a patent on it because it really is something special when done correctly. Looking at you AC: Odyssey.

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