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Chuchel is very episodic in comparison with Botanicula

Comment from Serge Ulankin
Chuchel and Botanicula are obviously very close. Both made by Amanita design, both sounded by Dva, both with very similar visiual styles and gameplays, these games have one major thing that differes them from one another. 

While Botanicula felt like an epic adventure found in smallness of the world, where you had to save the tree, which practically meant saving the world, because for the odd company you played as the tree *was* the entire world. So the story was there, and everything was connected.

Chuchel, a while in, feels very different. It is just a bunch of funny episodes in the life of Chuchel chasing the ellusive cherry. I am not sure if it is a good or a bad thing, but Amanita seemed to ditch storytelling in favor of more absurdity and humor.