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Chaos VS serenity

Comment from Serge Ulankin
So I've been playing Shadowrun: Hong Kong for some days. I am absolutely mesmerized by its visual style, this is the first game of the series I've played, and I do really hope that the others are at least half as beautiful and detailed.

The GOG version of the game comes with the digital artbook, and I loved the idea in it. The developers say that they tried to show the contrast. To quote the artbook: ‘These two pieces capture one of the important contrasts of Hong Kong; the chaos the streets versus the calm serenity of the interiors. The streets of Hong Kong are the most visually, audibly, and aromatically dense I have ever experienced - just walking down the street is complete sensory overload. Which is likely why the vast majority of the interiors are designed to be as serene as possible, to provide an environment to sooth the senses - at least until the Karaoke starts. ’ 
This, I think, is one of the best thing about the visual style of Shadowrun: Hong Kong. I instantly felt it, but just couldn't find the right words. And I am glad there's an artbook explaining why it looks so good.