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What do you think about the vegan option in Minit?

Comment from KawaiiMuaii
I’m so happy that this game is out! I’ve been waiting for it since E3, I guess, but thought it was delayed. Can’t wait to try it! I noticed they’ve added a vegan mode, I think it’s awesome but what does it actually do?
Well, the vegan setting makes you dog die because of eating only vegetables. Ironically.
I’ve heard that the longest living dog was on a vegan diet! He lived for 26 years. And in the game, I think, the dialogues change - the characters start to talk about veggies, not burgers.
You forced me to go google it, guys! But I haven’t found any information that the longest living dog was a vegan. According to Guinness World Records, the oldest dog was Bluey who died at 29 in 1939. But! A vegan long-lived dog existed too! Bramble lived to 27 and died in 2003. It was easy to make a mistake though. Go check the links if you’re interested.