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What is the secret of success?

Comment from Никита Кирпа
Why the game that came out later PUBG, has become more popular?
I think the main reason is “why do i have to buy $30 game if we have nice free-to-play competitor?”
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Sir Lagsalot
It caters to a younger audience imo
Epic Games has its own engine (one of the most powerful on earth). They already created a coop shooter with nice mechanics. The only thing they needed to make a free-game-better-than-pubg is just adding a new mode. Having enough experience they managed to do that in a month and here it is. Tha same situation with mobile platforms: their game is just better even being the second in the queue because of their technilogical backgrounds and experience.
Serge Ulankin
I think there are a few reasons behind its success. I played the game to understand the craze around it a short while ago, so you can read my review here → First, it has a wacky cartoonish style and ridiculously goofy environment. It looks more entertaining and not so serious as PUBG or other battle-royales. I think the visual style itself tells that you are going to have some light-hearted fun here, and it must be good for newcomers. Secondly, it is quite unique in gameplay mechanics with building shelters, collecting resources on the go, etc. So it is really something else, a breath of fresh air for massive online shooters. And people like new things, don't they? Finally, the most important thing, it is free!
Dennis Cortés
The graphics are much more attractive and the cosmetic side of things is much better and consistent in my opinion
Don't know what kickstarted the growth: price, "cute" look or being in the market with a hot mode, but today it's the most discussed game out there. For me PUBG is like CS and Fornite is like HALO. A more approachable and polished version of the gameplay that everyone must at least try.

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Battle Royale is everywhere - even on Nintendo Switch. Wanna try? 
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