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Heather Trailer is Out

Comment from KawaiiMuaii
The final part has come out! Have you already seen it? 
Do you think this game will be better than the Telltale series? These two projects will definitely be compared (they alredy are).

As for me, Overkill's trailers are very impressive, but The Walking Dead games by Telltale are masterpieces, and it'll be hard to surpass them.

Anyway, I see how much work is paid to this game, and I hope it'd be a success. Best wishes to team Overkill!
Serge Ulankin
Can't see why compare it to Telltale. Telltale doesn't make games basically, it's just an interactive movies producer. ☺ It's not bad, it's just way too different from what usual gaming experience is like.

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The gameplay video was just published on YouTube. Looks really cheap to me and totally kills the mood to try the game. It sets me back for a decade or so.
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