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The First Tree review
by deleted_21105

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Cuando entras a Steam, ves las imágenes, el trailer y las criticas, parece que el juego promete, incluso si vas muy despistado puede parecer que esta a la altura de los videojuegos que nombra el creador (Para los fans de Journey, Firewatch y Shelter).
Pues ni unos ni otros, es un juego que al principio puede parecer bonito pero que la magia va decayendo en cuanto pasas unos minutos en sus niveles, a primera vista te das cuenta de que las montañas están hechas sin mimo, las texturas genéricas, el terreno irregular y los "puzles" sin ningún tipo de desafío, que van intercalándose con una historia bonita y sencilla a la que es un desafío llegar entre tantos bugs y un control que no es el ideal.
When you see this game in Steam, you see the images, the trailer and the reviews, it seems that the game promises, even may seem, that this game reaches the level of the video games that the creator names (for the fans of Journey, Firewatch and Shelter).
Sadly it don't, it is a game that at first may seem nicem, but the magic is fading when you spend a few minutes in their levels. At first glance you realize that the mountains are made without care, generic textures, irregular terrain and the puzzles aren't any challenge, it only have a nice and simple story, which it's a challenge to finish, among so many bugs and a bad control.
«I could make it better»
«Oh God i managed it»

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I feel bad for leaving a negative review, because it feels that this game was made with a lot of soul and heart. However, the intentions were good, the result — not. Lack of directions, empty poorly designed levels, wonky controls, unrewarding collectables and some questionable design decisions result in an exploration game that you don't want to explore. The story is okay. Generic, but nicely written.
Would have enjoyed it way more if the waypoints were more clear and if the performance and graphics were better on the Switch
«Sit back and relax»
The first tree? More like the last time I'll play this game!

What can I say? I always get my hopes up for a game themed around a fox. Come enter a barren wasteland, playing as a fox who a man visioned in his dream as he explains what happens in the dream to his wife in the eyes of the fox.

The biggest disappointment? Did they even QA this game at all? This game expects a story to be told in a linear nature, and with that, I think they expect the player to follow each element in order. And YET, this is an open world and an open world that is way too large to even need to be one. You can clearly tell the game designer just used some type of world painter on a flat mesh to make the mountains. The only trace of detail anywhere are moving plants and trees. Why even do this? This game may have continued my interest if I didn't have to walk 15 miles. You can make a great linear story with small maps when done correctly.

Now onto the actual game itself, if you enjoy being told what to do, while holding forward, aimlessly walking around a boring landscape, this game is for you. You can walk, run, scratch, and dig. The game claims not to be a "fox" simulator, and I'll give it that because actually being a fox in the wild would be more entertaining than this!!

The story, from the 20 minutes of this game I could bear to swallow, given the benefit of the doubt, hoping it would pick up the pace, it just never does. It's trying way too hard to be an emotional and "wholesome" story about some character I know nothing about, and I think it's just hoping its player base will relate and connect to a "missing father" story. Aside from this just sounding like a bunch of "voice actors" first gig at an emotional story, pushing really hard to sound empathetic, the result is simply uncanny and forced.

At the end of the day, this must have been some kid's final project in a for-profit game design college. Total waste of time and not worth playing. This barely even passes as a game. 😴
«Waste of time»
The story is touching and the game is colorful, but a majority of the gameplay is spent roaming around an empty field, which quickly puts the brakes on the story if you get lost. Not to mention that the controls are somewhat buggy and jumpy. However the ending is phenomenally done, and it made me wonder why the whole game couldn't be like that. 
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
This was... difficult.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I was looking for something like that. There are plenty of great Games, but few small, gentle stories that get you carried along. The Game is beautiful-this is not about fluid Movements in the Graphics or particularly sharp Textures, no, the Game just looks beautiful with its simple Graphics. It offers, along with the grandiose Music, an atmospheric Depth I last felt at Seasons after Fall. It's simple... Hm... SCHÖN:D The Story makes you very thoughtful and while you roam with the Vixen, you kind of start to follow your own Thoughts as well. Undoubtedly not a Title to play Hours at a time, but if you've had enough of Splatter, Pistols, Dragons and Zombies, it's an evening, glorious Pastime. In Short: It's SCHÖN! Only the Double Jump annoys a bit ...
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The First Tree is an incredibly atmospheric Game. It is about Life, death and loss. A Game to Sit and Listen to. With (at least in the O-tone) very pleasant Voices, great Music, a simple Control and a gently designed Environment a very nice experience. You mustn't expect Fancy Puzzles or Action here, but if you get into it and listen to the Story and the Music, it's sure to touch the Player. It is a very good Reflection of the above issues. Sometimes the World seems bleak and lonely, sometimes you turn in Circles or see nothing but darkness around you and don't find the Way right away. Sometimes you don't want to know how the Story goes on, but still you have to keep going and look ahead. Focus on the brightly radiant Moments, and on the-for a personality-important Things of Life. A beautiful Life lesson. Highly recommended.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is a small, very sympathetic story game in which, as a fox, you experience 2 Storylines at the same time and you can find out Piecemeal how they "interweave." The Gameplay is limited to searching and finding story-relevant items, but there are also smaller Platformer Deposits that are not necessarily among the Strengths of the Game. In Purely visual terms and in Terms of sound, nothing negative can be said. The Environments are varied and great and the Music is always pleasant and apt. The English Speakers are also great. On the Whole, I would recommend this little game to anyone who always Fancies a new little story game and can't (or don't want to) spend the Time on the XXL games. Here you can follow a Story for 2-4 Hours and then finish with it if you want to. Pro:-2 soulful Stories that are told in parallel-mostly great Optics-Soundscape pleasant-English Speakers very good-offers some unexpected Surprises (no Spoilers at this Point)-German Subtitles (if desired)-Collectables & Achivements Contra :-Playing Time 2-4 Hours-Jump 'n 'Run Insoles are sometimes a little "bulky"-----All game reviews of mine in my < < Review Area > >