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Death Stranding review
by Bessi Þór Sigurðarson

Það er erfitt að lýsa upplifuninni í stuttu máli, en í stuttu máli finnst mér leikurinn virka. Að hafa markmið eins einfalt og að komast frá A til B án þess að skaða farminn sinn er svo skemmtileg hugmynd og virkar út af ýmsum þáttum spilunar - stemningin að gíra sig upp í ferðina, umhverfinu sem maður ferðast gegnum, nákvæmninni í hreyfingunni manns, einsemdartilfinningunni á leiðinni, og að komast svo loksins á áfangastað. Ekki mest spennandi leikurinn og þarf klárlega vissa þolinmæði en upplifun sem ég kann að meta og myndi vilja upplifa aftur. 

Sagan er soldið mikið í rugli. Sagan sjálf finnst mér mjög áhugaverð; tilvistarkennd, full af pælingum og þemum um líf og dauða og sterkri notkun á myndmáli og tákngervingu, þó svo að HK finnist hann þurfa að útskýra öll táknin í röfli, frekar en að leyfa stundum bara myndmálinu að segja sögu sína. Hvernig sagan er sögð er í miklu ójafnvægi en þemurnar sjálfar eru höndlaðar mjög vel og haldast í hendur við leikinn. 

Þrátt fyrir galla sína, er þetta leikur sem lætur mér líða einhvern veginn. Virkilega djarfur í hönnun sinni en með fjármagnið og hæfileika að baki sér sem leyfa honum að virka. 
Fyrsta spilun
Erfiðleikastig: Hard
Spilunartími: ~100 tímar
Einkunn: 👍👍👍👍½ / 5
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
«OST on repeat»

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Too long to be nice. Would've cut a half of gameplay time to make the story more concentrated. Also, I think, there could more cutscenes with THIS cast. Some of the cutscenes really nice, but they're a minority.
«Oh God i managed it»
It should have been a movie instead of a game.. it's to boring a gameplay for a game
A unique experience with a deeper meaning about coming together, a challengingly weird yet intriguing story, as it's gameplay, makes Mr. Kojima's first independent debut one of gaming's most treasured gems.
«Blew my mind»
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
One of the best games I’ve ever played, if not the best. It’s insane that only 3 years ago we had no idea what this game was, just a creepy trailer. But it turned into so much more. Especially nowadays, with everything happening, this game is as poignant as can be. It’s hopeful, but it’s harsh, but it’s kind, but it’s brutal. Absolutely stunning.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
In my oppinion this game is overrated. The game is boring, with a complex history really hard to follow (with words I can't remember).
Playability is frustrating, you are falling all the time and it's hard to control, besides, at the begining there are too much cinematics.
owever the graphic part is awsome and the music is something special. After playing I get a nostalgic feeling and want to play again (but I get bored again...)
walking: the game
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
I have a lot of praise for Death Stranding despite some major flaws, the biggest being its writing. There was a lot of intrigue in the beginning, but then the characters started dumping exposition in long-winded monologues and repeated this information over, and over, AND OVER again to the point I was getting frustrated and less interested as it went on, especially when it brought the gameplay to a grinding halt. Whenever Deadman would say something like, "Do you want to know how...?" my reaction was more or less:
It eventually picks up much-needed momentum during the very last chapter, but it takes a long time to get there and my patience was dangling on a thread by then. Scenes that were meant to be emotional were so melodramatic that it became unintentionally funny and/or eye-roll inducing, the fourth wall breaking got some of the same reactions. Some moments, it was cute and endearing, but seeing an advertisement for that Norman Reedus show made me audibly groan. I was flabbergasted by seeing the Monster on the table for the first time as I thought stylistically it clashed with the tone that was being established, but eventually accepted it and thought, "It must be saying something about capitalism in America?" Though that might be giving Kojima a lot more credit than what he actually deserves, I think he just wants to show off stuff he likes and had some kind of deal.
There's one task of note I wanna bring up and it's the one with the junk dealer. The dialogue was so poorly communicated, that I genuinely thought I was fetching the dude's daughter and then got really confused when I realized it was his girlfriend. It got way more focus than it needed and the acting was terrible, but at least reading the email drama afterward was amusing. 

Even though I'm trashing on the writing, I don't think it's a complete dumpster fire as it has really interesting concepts and themes. The story would have benefited from having a real talented writer at the helm, but since having someone better than Kojima at the task wasn't an option, he could've at least presented even more of the storytelling through gameplay because that's where he excels. The game design is surprisingly engrossing and immersive. As tedious as your objectives are, the variety of circumstances that goes into each delivery keeps things dynamic throughout and whenever I get through the hardships that are presented, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from the plethora of other games I've played. There's a great balance of relaxation and tension, the landscapes are stunning, and the whole isolated multiplayer experience is unique and well-executed. I had a few failed missions, but there was only one moment that pissed me off for being unfair. Every other time was fair and it taught me to be better prepared.

I love Death Stranding. Even if I came into it expecting strong storytelling and was left disappointed by that aspect, my expectations of dull and simple gameplay were exceeded by great design and a satisfying feedback loop. I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but I think its experimentation is important in expanding the medium of video games as an art form. I look forward to playing the end game.
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
Was a bit of a disappointment but still a good game with a nice pleasant soundtrack  
«OST on repeat»
This is an amazing game from both an artistic perspective, and a "novel" gameplay perspective. However, if you're not already on board with Hideo Kojima's antics, you might find yourself too frustrated to make it through to the end.
no words needed
Death Stranding flips the script on the typical traversing and gun play balance in video games. You shoot things from time to time but the focus here is on the journey not the weapons. I found the exploring to be both memorizing and addicting. Said exploration is the delivery method for Kojima's ridiculous story Warner Brothers would pay Christopher Nolan millions to film. You'll either be onboard for were Death Stranding is going or you will quickly tuck and roll. I for one rode it all the day into the sunset and loved it.
«That ending!»