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We Have Important Work To Do review
by Kyle Weber

It's fine for what it is, but there's nothing in this game that's worth going out of your way to play.  The aesthetics and the reminder of late 1990s/early 2000s Internet culture were fun, and the idea of juggling different apps that help you play the game with different costs was clever, but ultimately it's hard to make gameplay that enjoyable when it reduces to clicking on a specific part of the screen at different intervals.  There's no way to reset before losing (the shutdown mechanic doesn't work -- maybe that's a bug on my end?) and there aren't many different pop-ups or effects present in the game so even a 8 minute playthrough gets kind of dull by the end. 

Again, the references to popup culture were worth a smile and there's probably a game in trying to use different tools to avoid having to manually maneuver around the screen (I enjoyed xBill, which is centered around the same gameplay idea), but there's not enough substance here to even make a brief playthrough that worthwhile.  Feel free to skip, although there's not much harm in a quick 5-10 minute playthrough.
«Waste of time»
«I could make it better»