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Shadow Warrior 2 review
by Rafael Gazola Ghedini

«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»

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«Sit back and relax»
Concise Review:
This game is a combination of Doom and Borderlands with horrible graphics, crude cheesy writing and a surprisingly solid gameplay loop.

Amazing: nothing

Great: a ton of weapons and skills to use. A ton of upgrades and even more ways to mix and match the upgrades to create combinations that feel like they make a big difference in firefights. Constant noticeable progression.

Good: gunplay is solid and fast paced. Enemy variety is sufficient and the enemy models are interesting even with the awful graphics.

Fine: lots of jokes through out the game but only 1/10 ish land for me, has me laughing occasionally. 

Bad: The environments are bland and repetitive. Glitches occasionally. Always stutters when passing check points, it’s annoying.

Awful: graphics are horrible even for a 2017 AA game. Character animations are ridiculously bad as well.

Journal Style Review:
Graphics are obviously awful. But the art design and the weird style is alright-ish. First impression is that the writing is ridiculous but it has made me laugh a couple times already. Even if only 1 in every 5 jokes gets a chuckle they are firing them off quickly enough.

Gameplay feels good. Fast paced. The early enemies have been unique. There are already a ton of weapons, upgrades and skills. It has more rpg aspects in that regard than I expected.

This game is better than it looks. Very fun enemies so far. Very fun guns. A lot of ways to mix and match upgrades for the guns. The combat is actually very solid. 

I hope this game is made by Asian people... because if it was made by white people I’m pretty sure it’s very racist.

They have created a very fun customization system in this game. I’m enjoying playing with the different weapon combos. It’s pretty great, not ground breaking by any means (we’ve all seen elemental effects before) but well executed. I’m spending a long time clearing all my upgrades and then rethinking how to best set up my guns and gear. I’m really enjoying it.

The performance is usually alright but it does stutter when passing check points and I’ve had a few glitches. Nothing too bad though.

I was just finding the game a bit repetitive and then it threw a few new guns in rapid succession, added a new area, made crafting upgrades a thing, and added new challenges that can level up your guns, and added a new ability. I’m excited again.

This game has more to it than I thought. I thought I was about to be done but I’m still unlocking a ton of guns. It’s still been entertaining. The gun variety is very impressive. 

The last two or so hours I lost a bit of interest, it became a little bit repetitive. Nonetheless this game surpassed my expectations. It had a solid stretch in the middle I was really enjoying it. Good mindless fun from the gameplay perspective while having some creative strategy when choosing guns and upgrades.

Final Score: B+
Played this game by Xbox game pass subscription on PC.
A game for a couple of evenings, it took place on average difficulty in 6 hours, which is not enough for me - I finished Shadow warrior 2013 in 15 hours.

Advantages of the game: this is the coolest combat system, however, impact from shooting from a firearm is not felt. Very cool music in battle. the technical part of the game is also not bad, but for some reason the game crashed 1 time in a battle with Krampus.

Cons of the game: In this version of the game there is no multiplayer, it is in Steam and Gog versions. The plot compared to the first part no. The whole game takes place on several levels and already in 4 hours they are all known by heart, and it’s annoying, I also had a feeling when I launched Dragon age 2 after 1 part. The verdict, if played, is with friends at a higher level of difficulty than the average. But it's better to spend them on something more interesting)
«Better with friends»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So, after I finally finished the Game completely: The Game is mainly about butchering yourself with a Variety of Weapons through ever larger Hordes of Enemies. Each of these Weapons has three Slots to pack Upgrades into, sometimes a Weapon has already edged one that cannot be removed. The Upgrades themselves can later be combined in a Forge (this costs money) to get even better Upgrades. The higher the Level and the Level of difficulty, the better the Root. In addition, you can perform (exp bar is represented by the Dragon at the bottom right, I noticed quite late) and can distribute Skill Points. The Game is best to play at one of the higher Difficulty Levels, with the most difficult can still be upgraded further if the Level is high enough. Players from the (Steam) circle of friends would be optimal Tactics in general: Shoot-> in case Of Success loot out/flee-> repeat (with Sword) Problems at the game:-Sometimes, when Wang pulls himself up at an Edge, he falls through the World and is stuck Then, for Example, under one roof (occurring about 6 Times in my Playing Time) Sometimes you can save yourself by wild hustle, but mostly not. -The Game sometimes stains a bit and stops for a Moment, this could be more or less a Problem depending on how many Projectiles are just coming to one. -The Game uses the same level again and again, which is not necessarily a Disadvantage, but you should expect too much Variety positives: + definitely a lot of Fun and Replay Value (New Game +) + Looootz! + many different Enemies with many different (random) Sizes, Resistance and Damage bonuses, which can be broken down into a Multi-frequency of Fragments. + The Levels themselves are very nicely designed (as beautiful as you can find something before it is inevitably burned, etched or simply destroyed), there are many Secrets (really secret), as well as many Eastereggs. + Weapons rotation: For consistent Survival, it is important To adapt weapons and Upgrades to the opponents and take Advantage Of weaknesses of those (Boom!) + Story and Characters are Wangtag (who likes this [for Example, me]), with a lot of "humor" and quite a lot of "Humor" and quite a lot of Dramatic Scenes admittedly little Respectability. + Side Missions with funny Fights (they are not), which are certainly not more Of a hard time than the Story missions (are they) + Burn, decompose, icy, shock, cut up, explode, sawed, tough, crumble your Enemies (etc.) As a Conclusion, it would be to say: Mok! Metzel! Waghhh!