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Q*bert review
by ItsAHobby

It's Q-bert! Everyone knows Q*bert! Everyone... Because of Wreck It Ralph of course! So pretty cool to see he got a game just for himself, lucky Kill_Bert!
The game is just Quill=Bart jumping around and marking some squares some color, and his objective is to mark'em all. Very ambitious. That's Queue/Bork for you.

But wait! There's a twist! Some... Uh... Weird glob things are trying to stop him just because! But they go away when he completes all squa- nevermind there's more now.

Damn it Cool~Bard, just, get a gun or something. Geez.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
What even is Gillbert? Who are those blobs? Why does he even want to paint the squares in the first place? Is he insane? AM I INSANE?
Those are answers you'll never have the answer for, except the last one, the answer being yes definitely.

Gameplay: 10
It was fun, kinda. Eh it was okay. Alright fine it was mediocre. OKAY GOD IT WAS AVERAGE. AAH YOU KNOW WHAT? I ADMIT, IT WAS SO-SO.
Ugh you just can't give a rest huh?

Graphics: 1
The squares changed color.

Sound/Music: 0
Pretty standard old game experience. Play game, turn deaf.

That leaves this game with a color-changing square 11 out of 400.