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Assassin's Creed Syndicate review
by Rejedai

In my opinion, this is the best part of the series after assassins creed 2. To release a re-release, without uplay, donate slag and with a normal balance of experience and money, and the game could be given 8 points. And so for 10 hours I looked at the bar of increased experience, and expected that after the expiration the game would become impassable, although this is not so, but this motivated me to go through it faster.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Steam is soo hamma! I wanted to get Syndicate in the winter sale, on the last day, in the Last 10 minutes. Problem was that I (overzealous as I was) interversed a few times when entering the Steam Card, Whereupon at 18:54 The message came that I had too many Attempts to buy in the last en Minuten would have been done. So I waited 5 Minutes and tried it again, but that didn't work out, as not enough Time seemed to have passed yet. So That Day there was no new Assassin's Creed part for me. I naturally agitated animally about this Error Message and stressed to my Friends how badly Steam had solved this Problem. BIS I was taught a better one. When I checked my emails the next Day, I saw an Email from Steam saying my Shopping CART was saved due to this Error WITH ALL RABATTEN. As a Result, I immediately bought the Syndicate (still downset for me). Let's get to the Game itself ... ES IS THE HAMMA! 1. It is set in London and there is a day and Night cycle, as well as a rain and solar cycle, which quite increases the whole Frame of the whole game and it is just Fun to run through the huge Open World or to drive more recently as there are jaa Carriages Which are just horny. What we have already done at ... 2. would be. The Victorian Age. It's the (for me) by Far the best Time in the Assassin's Creed ever played. Droschken, Electricity, Steam Engines, Cylinders, Darwin, Dickens, Queen Victoria and, of course, Sherlock Holmes. They are all Representatives of this Time And not the worst. You meet most of them in the Story and if these are still too few Celebrities, then you can still buy jaa the "Jack the Ripper" DLC. 3. There is also an Innovation opposite the other Parts of the Series (apart from Unity, I don't know what it's like) from Ubisoft's side: You can't buy just four More things from the "Units" (like Wallpapers, two Single-players and a Multiplayer thing) VERY MORE. For Example, the Soundtrack of the Game or a Sherlock Holmes Coat (my two Darlings). 4. Back to the Game itself. The Story is very entertaining and with the Frye twins the Film Sequences are extremely Fun, as everyone always means to be better than the other, but they are still nice to one. It's also extremely Fun to explore Assassin's Creed with a Woman. And I also find it advantageous that you can now skil Skills with skill points and do so with both Twins different Abilities. (Best Improvement: You can believe the Ability to rob someone the same in an Assassination Attempt, saving you the annoying "keep E" or "Keep B oppressed.") 5. Conclusion: I believe that both Steam and Ubisoft have proved that they can make up For past mistakes and "apologize" to users with really crass Things. Mm