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Super Metroid review
by tmello

Super Metroid is notorious for its bs mechanics. After playing through it, I can confirm this is true. There are points in the game that are actually impossible without tedious searching or a walkthrough guide. Despite these shortcomings, Super Metroid is a time-tested work of art that feels just as modern today as other Metroidvanias! The atmosphere is the classic 80s/Alien style dread and loneliness. The powerup progression is smooth and boss fights are menacing and impactful while remaining fair. I would recommend Super Metroid to anyone who enjoys Metroidvania style games.

Other reviews3

Pretty solid. Gameplay flows nicely, with a solid blend of platforming, combat, exploration, and puzzle solving. Save points are placed intelligently, with a few annoying exceptions. I appreciate the lack of explicit direction; the game instead utilizes level design to guide the player. Nails the vibes. 
It's a weird feeling to play so many Metroidvania games before getting around to finally return to the source. Super Metroid must have felt so different in 1994. Hardly any story in a traditional sense to speak of throughout the entire game, but so dripping in an immersive atmosphere at the same time. Influence is an overstated feature of classic games, but it's such an obvious takeaway with Super Metroid. It directly led to the creation of Castlevania SOTN three years later, which led to a masterpiece like Hollow Knight 20 years after that. It created a genre of video gaming and ages in a way 99% of 16-bit and under games don't. Exceptional game and experience.