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Gradius review
by ItsAHobby

Hell, hell never changes. I mean bullet hell. This game is INCREDIBLY HARD as in, you have 4 lives but it doesn't really matter because when you die you lose all power-ups, which means your ship turns pretty much useless and slow. And man are there things trying to kill you. Everything on the screen basically. Even your mouse if you're emulating. Careful.
Usually you'd just rather hard reset after the first death, and I died for simply going too fast way too many times, as the controls aren't exactly top notch.
That said, the game can be pretty entertaining and it's also really good looking. It's up to you if you want to suffer for 20 minutes or more. Oh yeah the game takes about that time to finish, when you get out you'll be dodging dust particles like no other. It's true, I'm dodging oxygen molecules alr-
... Oops sorry, I passed out. Well I can't dodge anything anymore, lost my power-ups.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
Say it with me: there. ain't. none.
I mean there's the usual progression there, and the map changing is pretty cool. 

Gameplay: 25
Wonky controls especially since you need to be so accurate, but it's pretty cool and the power ups makes me go "yaas pew pew pew".  In case you didn't understand, it means it's good.

Graphics: 20

Sound/Music: 5
The music is cool, but the pew pew sounds makes me sad.

That leaves Gradius with and out of this world score of 50 out of 400! Take that, Computer Space.

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Gameplay 7/10. Graphics 7/10. Soundtrack 5/10. Storyline 4/10. OVERALL 5.75/10. (A 4.5)
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