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Kid Icarus (1986) review
by ItsAHobby

You play as Icarus as a kid, before he died in the ocean, you know. If I remember correctly in Icarus lore, this is probably you climbing out of the labyrinth (without actually using your wings 'cause kids are dumb dumbs obviously). The gameplay is pretty much Ice Climber but without the block breaking mechanics, instead you've got enemies that actively try to kill you. Sometimes the climbing is pretty challenging and once you fall and there is no platform, you die and restart over. Just like in real life, if something is out of your field of vision it ceases existing. So if the platforms get out of the screen once when you get higher, and you fall where it would be, you die.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
It's Icarus lore, and none of that is shown in the game.

Gameplay: 20
Enjoyed it more than Ice Climber, but mostly because the jumping isn't terrible.

Graphics: 10
Nothing phenomenal. But the animations are nice at least.

Sounds/Music: 10
It's pleasant.

That leaves Kid Icarus with a fallin' 40 out of 400! Next game there'll be a water level.