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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider review
by markbass69

Second playthrough and I gotta say this is probably the weakest Dishonored. Way more linear, way more limited powers, side-missions (contracts in this game) not only reward too little too late, but feel like an afterthought. An example: in the first mission, two contracts have you go to the same location, pick up one person, and leave out of the one exit in the building, both times through a room full of people with no other way around. It just feels so poorly designed. And a third contract takes you to the same general location even, though at least you don't have to enter the same building.

The missions themselves are fine enough, though the powers make them feel a bit more linear than the other entries and the focus on bone charms was kind of a flop so playthroughs end up feeling very samey. And the last mission throws Envisioned at you which are a difficulty spike (though their insta-kill makes that even kind of a stretch) for no reason other than to be a new version of the stilt walkers. Even the plot feels very disconnected from the rest of the series and almost more like fan fiction than anything else. Maybe it's on me for missing something, but Billie is back in the game, Daud is back but dying but wants to kill the Outsider but then disappears, and the Outsider is aware he's going to be killed but doesn't do anything to stop it and actually just gives Billie powers without the mark? Huh? This game is absolutely saved by the underlying Dishonored mechanics but it really shows its cracks. Better off just doing a different run of Dishonored 2.

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This one lost its appeal for me probably due to fatigue. It’s very similar and still enjoyable but not nearly as enjoyable as the second, and I enjoyed the first more as well because it was new. 

Final Score: B+
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Microsoft from Deutsch
After a little more than 10 Hours, I have seen the Outsider die. As a big Fan of the Series, this Standalone DLC was one of the most eagerly awaited Games at the End of the Year for me-especially Part 2 has now become one of my All-time favourites. Accordingly, my Expectations for the Game were also high. How good is Death of the Outsider? Pretty good when you take it all together. The Levels invite you to explore Extensively once again and there are Tons of Things to discover. The new magical Powers of Billie Lurke are really cool and give interesting Ways to solve the big and big Problems. The Missions themselves are also varied and as far as I can tell after the first Run in Semi-Stealth, they give more than enough Solutions to experiment around. Also great are the Orders from the Black Market, which reveal much about the World of Dishonored and its Inhabitants. Some of them are really tricky too-on the first Run I didn't meet everyone, which totally annoys me (in the good Way, because that needs to be made up!) Of course, it is particularly gratifying that another release debacle did not take place and the Game is going well and still looks great. Overall, however, for my Terms, the Game just doesn't run as smoothly and as exciting as Part 1 and Part 2. Billie's teleport ability, for Example, I find strangely hakely and imprecise compared to Corvo's Teleport or Emily'S Reach-often enough I've landed alongside the targeted Lead. There are also no real offensive Magic to just create a little Mess with. The Dishonored Series has never been Captivated by me through the Story alone, but in DoTo the Motivations and Motivations of the individual Characters were really a bit immature. In fact, the Dialogues hardly go beyond what is said in the Trailers. I really can't say too much negative about the Game-it plays out like a Dishonored, gives the Freedoms like a Dishonored and has this cool, cryptic and somewhat dirty atmosphere like a Dishonored One. But at the same time, this is also Part of the Limitation: While Part 2 trumps the Original in terms of Level design and Possibilities in virtually all Points on paper, this DLC (understandably) does not manage to do so. If you're Interested in the Series and you might not know any or only the first Part, you should buy Dishonored 2 beforehand and see how much it suits him. For Fans, I think Death of the Outsider offers another welcome Trip that, while not reaching out to the terrific Main Games, can still come up enough to thrill. Those who want to sniff dishonored Air should be aware that "Death" is more of a DLC in length, too. Generally, I recommend everyone to buy all The parts plus DLCs of this grandiose series from Arkane Studios anyway, because the Games are just insanely imaginative, well playable and pleasantly different from most AAA Games on the Market. I hope it wasn't the last Detour into the World of magical Assassins. Should there be a Dishonored 3, "Death" has done everything I can to pack the Folding blade and pull it off without Shrugging the batting.