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Environmental Station Alpha review
by markbass69

I tend to think this wouldn't have the positive reception it does if it wasn't the "underdog" to Axiom Verge. Combat is  not only kinda bad but also exacerbated by how poorly enemy movement fits the simple combat. Powerups are pretty unimaginative - double jump, dash boost, hookshot, charge shot, etc. Design choices feel almost focus grouped to death, but this time from reddit or something - dodge move where you dodge THROUGH enemies and attacks because Dark Souls did it, lots of named bosses with high damage output (with no health drops) because that's what GameFAQs calls "difficulty," a laughable amount of "secrets" hidden behind non-descript fake walls that you can just walk right through because that pads the length of the Steam guides, precision platforming sections, that kind of thing. Because of those flaws, exploration feels less like a self-directed reward and more of a checklist because that's what Metroidvanias "do." Kind of a disappointment all around frankly.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I'm now at about 40% of the Game and giving up. The Main Reason is the increasing Level of difficulty from about principals 3 of the Game. Example: A Boss Fight against a Giant Plant for which I died again and again for several Hours. The Monster had three different Phases with Tons of Health Points. Only if you have the two Phases with minimal Loss of Life and almost all health Increases do you have a Chance at all. So this Game developer has probably never heard of Balance of difficulty. A Little later another Boss fight after Turning on a Generator, which I had weathered with 2 Health Points, only to be destroyed on the Return to the storage Point from a now activated firing range, whose Shots penetrate even through Rock (!!!) to become. 30 Minutes later there is another Boss Fight against a Spider, where you immediately Bless the Time again. Should I die Here again hours? I have absolutely no Desire for that. Game cleared!
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Microsoft from Deutsch History There is an abandoned Space station in Space. We are a Robot sent from a Spaceship to find out what happened. We know nothing at all and must fall into the uncertain. Graphic Very simple Kept in a beautiful 2D pixel World. The Areas and also the Opponents are very nicely designed. This makes you feel a little transported back to THE Times at NES and Gameboy. Gameplay Beginning we can't do much and need to jump through the Area and kill Monsters with our Beam. Over Time, however, we get more Skills that we can turn off. These Skills are necessary to get to certain Areas. Stepping with the Gamepad must be adjusted here before this Active is and I recommend that here as well. Even if the Description of the Skills in the Game are poorly translated, you get behind it quickly. Bosses Also offer nice Variety. The whole Game wins a Stark to the Metroid Series. Sound The Music adapts to every Environment here as well and also changes with Boss Monsters. The Feeling of an abandoned Station is well conveyed by the Music and you get more Desire to explore the Station. Unfortunately, Replay Value achievements do not exist here, but you can quickly get going to explore the Whole Map. Which is often not easy. Because you have to discover Secrets or need certain Items first. If you have the Game through it completely, you will not necessarily want to play it again. But I Don't think it's necessary here either. Challenge The Boss Mechanics are quite simple at the Beginning, however, become more And more Demanding with the later Course. The Areas and the Monsters have it in them later, too. Also, you only get the Clue where you have to go with a single Point. How to get there you have to find out for yourself, which is not always easy. Conclusion I would call this Game a successful Metroid Clone with a slightly different Story. For the Price you can't say anything here and can only recommend this Game at the Place.