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Mega Man ZX Advent review
by markbass69

Not a fan of the ZX games. They do a lot of experimentation that IMO the Mega Man series has been toying with since the X days and leaned into even more with Zero 1, but they just don't quite hit. The first ZX takes the Metroidvanias level layout - a perfect style for this evolution of games - and does nothing with it, leading to a bland, confusing world with boring traversal and tons of backtracking and padding. ZX Advent seems to understand that what makes a Metroidvania a Metroidvania is not solely the level design but the traversal. Except now instead of new forms like in ZX, you play literally as the bosses in a really boring control scheme? It honestly just sucks, there's not much to say about it. It's like if the missile upgrade in Super Metroid made you take up half the screen and took away half your movement options. One step forward, one step way back.