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Gravity Rush 2 review
by Roman Goncharov

This is a great game that honestly conveys a living feeling of flight, which has no analogues (the original game does not count). But everything is ambiguous. To my regret, it sometimes suffers a lot from technical implementation. I counted a several moments when the camera and controls seemed overwhelming to me, but in some magical way I wanted to justify it. There are also plot-based paradoxes: here the story seems to be silly, but it so thoughtful that every subtle detail evokes only a positive response. The other game content in the form of side missions, which I deliberately ignored in the original game, does not cause delight, however, there are also funny moments.

In general, this is now definitely not a portable experiment, but a complete high class game. Exactly what one would expect from a sequel.

Oh yeah, music! and visuals! and Kat! Raven! So I convey my thanks to Toyama and wish him good luck with a new project.

Other reviews3

While I did enjoy the game, it had a really slow start and after many hours, I couldn't see any new mechanics when comparing to the first. I was bored after those hours. Maybe it was exhaustion of the genre, but I'm not sure if I'll try it again.
Haiku Review: Gravity kick foe / Groan as you go flying by / No lock-on? Why? WHY?
Favorite Thing: Raven. Definitely Raven.
Least Favorite Thing: I don't remember hating the controls so much in the first one but oh boy did I hate them this time around. Fighting is extremely frustrating, almost as frustrating as the lack of a lock-on mechanic.

Date Completed: 2018-08-16
Playtime: ~ 20h
Enjoyment: 5/10 (Dragged way down by those terrible controls)
Recommendation: Only if you're invested in the story or characters from the first Gravity Rush.