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Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City review
by Notly

Two unique expansions for «Grand Theft Auto IV» that intersect with the main storyline and bring new flavors.

«The Lost and Damned»

It's a small burst of emotions from the real biker world that you can experience without leaving your home.
First off, there are a whopping 30 new missions awaiting you! That's about one-third of the total missions in «GTA IV». This means there's plenty of adventure to keep you entertained for a long time, making you forget what boredom even feels like.
As for gameplay innovations? Oh yeah, they're here. Now you can unleash a real firestorm with new weapons, including «Pipe Bombs», «Automatic 9mm», «Sawed-Off Shotgun», «Assault Shotgun», and even a «Grenade Launcher». You'll be ready for any biker brawl.
The music is top-notch too. They've added new tracks. Tune in to the radio, and you'll be greeted with real «Rock», «Punk», and «Hardcore» that will charge you up in any situation.
Besides all that, you can bolster your biker brotherhood and lead them into battle. With them by your side, you won't feel alone in this crazy world.
Races, biker club showdowns, new multiplayer modes - it's all here to make you feel like the true «King of the Road».
And oh, pay attention to the graphics - the color palette with a yellow filter and film grain give the game a special charm, creating the atmosphere of a true biker epic.

«The Ballad of Gay Tony»

An expansion that strongly resembles «Vice City».
You can expect a whopping 26 new missions, pulling you into a whirlwind of events and dangerous tasks. It's not just an add-on - it's a new stage and a new protagonist, with his own destiny. Immerse yourself in a story where action is key and adrenaline is off the charts.
Forget about melancholy and hopelessness - here, an atmosphere of fun and freedom reigns! Reach the top of the city, engage in races with sports cars equipped with nitro, skydive from skyscrapers, or dance until dawn in the hottest clubs in town.
Discover new weapons and gear, including «Sticky Bombs», «the Pistol .44», «Automatic Shotgun», «Assault SMG», and even the «M249 machine gun». Armed to the teeth, you'll be ready for any challenge and battle.
The music here is top-notch too. They've brought in new compositions. Tune in to the radio and you'll hear «Disco» and «House» tunes.
Get ready for the greatest challenges - races, no-holds-barred fights, stunt jumps, and much more await you in this adrenaline-fueled journey. There's no room for boredom here.

In summary, «Lost and Damned» is like «GTA IV», but all about bikes. It's an even more brutal and adrenaline-fueled adventure. «The Ballad of Gay Tony» - the epitome of style, brightness, and unrestrained fun in the world of «Grand Theft Auto IV».
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
We can not even launch the game in addition to the normal GTA4 works very well... The luncher démare without problem but some that we put play nothing does this happening...
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So Far it could not play, as it crashes immediately after the Start. All Solutions from the Internet have yielded nothing. Once it's fixed (What will probably never happen) there's still a review
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Two really great stories that I can only recommend and for me are even better than the Story of the Main Game. Together, both Episodes give 50 Hours of play. If you have gone through the Main Game but can't leave GTA IV yet, I can only recommend the DLC/Addon to you!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
The most poorly optimized game of the century, I've never really enjoyed it since the framerate falls are just atrocious and ruin the game experience. On a Phenom it was not happening there are 7 years of this, and now on a Ryzen 1600 no longer. For the GPU it's the same story. Coded with the butt this game.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
One can galerate for the installation of the game because Win10 was not compatible because at the exit of the game there is not yet, so you have to make a shift. After some minute of research (5min max) on the net/forum. The game install what pleasures to come back on these 2 DLC in 60fps and FullHD which all the qualities of a triple game a. 1st DLC the lost and damned, have a joy find Johnny, Billy, Jim and their bikers.. 2nd DLC Ballad of the gay Tony, DLC that is based more on the world of the night with these nightclubs with everything he goes with.. I was mostly doing an evaluation because I see full of people who put negative opinions because they did not start the game, pity to punish the game because of Microsoft. PS: for those who want a simple solution for launching the game send me a "MP" I will be happy to help you
Translated by
Microsoft from French
We often see excellent games with rotten DLC. But we rarely see DLC better than the original game. Yet TboGT is really one of its pearls! To make it simple, GTA IV is good, see even very good if we avoid talking about the boring scenario and the social context evoked, much too used in previous episodes. But if like me, you had loved GTA Vice City, then this extension is made for you! In fact, the DLC is so good, that we end up not playing GTA IV. Instead, we block on this absolutely memorable and particularly complete and neat extension. Everything is there, the fun, the humor, the action, the madness, the absurdity, in short, everything that made the first GTA, real good games! And as if that wasn't enough, even mutli mode is 100 times better than the original, so if you haven't jumped it yet, it's high time to move your butt and run to buy it. Crazy laughs guaranteed!