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FlatOut review
by Notly

«FlatOut» stands out for its minimalist design approach.

The game offers intuitive controls that require little acclimatization. The screen is free from excessive information and embellishments, allowing players to fully focus on the race. The absence of complex storylines and additional missions keeps the game focused on its core element — racing.

Realistic physics is one of «FlatOut's» key features:
The game features an advanced damage system that allows cars to break and deform upon collision. This mechanic adds an element of unpredictability, making each race unique. The vehicle handling reflects real-world physical laws, requiring players to consider trajectory, speed, and maneuvers on the track.

At the time of release, the game offered impressive graphics. Cars and environments are highly detailed, enhancing the immersion in the gameplay. The visual effects of damage and destruction add to the spectacle.

The soundtrack consists of Grunge, Garage Rock, and Punk Rock, which emphasizes the racing dynamics and keeps players energized.
«OST on repeat»

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+ Nice soundtrack matching the game's intesity
+ For a game released in 2004, it does have stunning physics and good graphics
+ Pleasant driving model, dependent on car's tuning tho
+ Interesting tracks, not a lot of variety tho (winter ones are the best)

> Gotta watch out for the smallest of objects - the game recommends demolishing things, but not once did I manage to do a triple corkscrew with burning engine on because I drove into a cardboard
> Tuning system can be a little bit unintelligible - you buy things and it does something, but what exactly and how much.. idk
> Game is fairly easy, so it would be nice if it had difficulty settings

- Your opponents are a bunch of idiots who bought their driver license at their local market
- There is a weird bug that adds horsepower every time you open statistics tab

FlatOut aged quite well and it can give you more fun than some modern racing games. I recommend buying this one, even at full price.
Oh, and practice mashing R before you race. You'll need it.
«OST on repeat»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Classical review "FlatOut" is a 2004 arcade Destruction Fun Racer. The Core is the career mode, in which we first have to choose one of five unlicensed But well-designed cars, with which we then try to get through the Finish Line in 3-5 Laps on initially quite simple Circuits. Standing in our Way are the later quite tricky, hilly, obstructive and slippery tracks and the quite well-programmed AI opponents. With good Performance, we can both unlock new Routes and Vehicles, and earn Money, with which we can then afford the new Vehicles and also some Upgrades of them. The Size of the Vehicles and Routes is fine, but far from outstanding: 16 Vehicles, which do not differ much within the Class and 36 (without the extra routes) partly quite short Circuits, some of which are only Variations from each other. But: What is there is well and varied. Too Bad though: You can only have one car in the Garage at a Time. If you want another one, you have to sell your old one automatically. "FlatOut" starts simply at the bronze stage, becomes significantly heavier at the Gold level due to better Opponents and fibrous stretches, but remains feasible, with good Track knowledge. On overly narrow and winding Stretches, a Weakness of the otherwise good AI becomes apparent, because this too often sticks to Obstacles in tight Turns. But the Destruction of both the Environment and your own Car is also essential for "FlatOut." In the case of the latter, however, one should not exaggerate, because an overly waid-woven vehicle also has significantly worse Driving Characteristics. As Compensation, a Booster Is filled up in the Event of Destruction rage, but it offers only short-term Advantages. In addition to career and classic Modes such as Time Trials and single races, there are extras such as a very fun arena destruction derby, which is all about being the last to own a roadworthy Underset and Driver's Wide-ranging throw. The Driver crashes through the Windshield in a high Arc as a Ragdoll in the Event of too strong a collision, so why not make a long jump high Jump and Cone Discipline out of it. The Handling works amazingly well. You shouldn't really use a modern Steering Wheel with this old Title. You don't Need either, because even with a Keyboard, the Crash cars control themselves surprisingly well and precisely, even if they drift, oversteer or just just close depending on the Surface, the Input to the Car is always direct. The fact That the Vehicle does not always do what was planned is due to the low Grip of the Routes. And every Substrate travels differently, whether Snow, Asphalt or Forest Path. Unfortunately, there is no cockpit perspective, just a Front Camera. But The best way to do this is to look at the Outside Perspective, where we always keep an eye on our Cart. Graphically, "FlatOut" is amazingly strong for a 2004 title, the Models are plastic and the Tracks lovingly detailed. For this, "FlatOut" runs butter-soft, Framedrops I have not experienced any. The Car sounds are not outstanding, but beautiful rough and also the Destruction Sounds bring Atmosphere. The Soundtrack, consisting of rather unknown rock and Intique Titles, is astonishingly strong and fits well with the fun Feeling of playing. Rating: 7/10 Atmosphere 8/10 Graphic 7/10 Sound 7/10 Handling 7/10 Balancing 7/10 gameplay (technical Ratings always include the Year Of publication) Conclusion: Classics with fun destruction Race. 7/10 Overall Rating