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Gothic Playable Teaser review
by Notly

The atmosphere we lost...


- Color correction.
Brightness and contrast at maximum. It feels like I'm in the tropics.

- Rhobar II.
King Robar II has gone from a gray-haired old man to a mature man tossing cups.

- Horror.
Swords in the body, guts, blood everywhere. Gothic is not horror. The developers in 2001 were able to convey the atmosphere without all that.

- Character.
The protagonist from the original was all calm and with a sense of humor. The new protagonist is very emotional and insecure.

- Music.
Completely different style, not revealing the atmosphere. More suited to pirates and tropical adventures.

- Gigantism.
Everything is prohibitively huge. Whether it's a swap meet pad or a barbican with a grid.

- The combat from «FOR HONOR».
I really don't like this combat. Just made for consoles.

- Checkpoints.
Saves don't work, still refers to the checkpoint.

- Diego.
Diego is now an imposing and mannered Zorro.

- Bloodwyn.
Bloodwyn is now a man of a different race.

- Freezes.
Freezes on a system with GTX 1660 S, AMD Ryzen 7 2700x and 16 GB RAM. Unbelievable.
- Invisible Walls.
Invisible walls restricting the main thing. Freedom to explore.
- Camera.
Camera when fighting in the woods, rests against a tree and as a result you can't see the enemy.

- Dialog System.
The dialogue system with a choice of answers, I personally do not like. Again, the console version.

- Diego will remember this . Why, Diego?


+ The guardian's armor is recreated well.
+ «Herr Mannelig» on the lute played by the guard at the gate.
+ «A Decent Weapon» and «Orry's Headache» are the only canonical Gothic-style missions
«Buggy as hell»