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World War Z (2019) review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:
A fast paced zombie shooter that somehow manages to still feel unique in an overused genre. The gunplay feels surprisingly tight. The gameplay loop is effective and engaging. The art style and graphics are actually pretty decent. Some of the locations were excellent choices for a zombie apocalypse. It’s a fun mindless game that surpassed my low expectations.

Journal Style Review:
I had very low expectations coming into this game because the reviews for it weren’t great. First two missions I was pleasantly surprised. The game actually has a nice feel to it. The guns feels solid and the zombies are fun to shoot. I didnt think it would feel this tight. The swarm mechanisms are very fun also, seeing the zombies appear in such high numbers adds to the game and helps make this seem unique when compared to other zombie games. I’m intrigued by the class/weapon upgrades. Also worth noting, I’m playing solo but this game is clearly designed to be played with friends. I will be missing out on some teamwork aspects.

I really like the fast paced, low health zombies in this game. When they climb over each other to get over obstacles it’s awesome. I love seeing a swarm slowly push over fences. The zombie AI is actually pretty good. Its fun killing hundreds of zombies in a level, sometimes I break 1000 killsZ

I like the mild procedurally generated changes to weapons, gear and zombie attacks. It keeps the levels a bit fresher which is good because right now if I choose any difficulty above easy it’s difficult because I’m a low level and I’m playing with bots. The bots are actually reasonable compared to most games but it obviously would be easier with real people.

This game has excellent zombie combat. I like preparing defences and holding positions. I like shooting my way from point A to B. The gameplay loop is great. The weapon and class upgrades have also been fun to manage. I constantly have new weapons or class perks that I want to get and never enough points. That’s the way it should be.

The level design and different locations are solid. There are some really nice looking zombie outbreak locations. This game has surpassed my expectations. It’s quite fun.

I only have two chapters left in the game to beat but I’ve only beaten most missions on the 2 skulls since I play alone. I have more of this game in me and still have more weapon/class upgrades I want to unlock. I think I’ll try to beat the campaign again on level 3. Or maybe I’ll try some online rounds. That’s a good sign for the game. I’m liking it. I don’t want to stop yet.

I beat 2 more episodes until I had fully upgraded starting weapons and I maxed out my class level. This game was a pleasant surprise. The gameplay was solid. The progression pacing was nice. The episodic style to the game works. Somehow this game still felt like it brought a new angle to zombie games. Ends a high B+.

Final Score: B+

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