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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review
by Ozymandias935

A game that is flawless in every aspect except the combat, which is merely passable. One of the most beautiful games ever made with each area being a treat to the eyes, whether it's the swamps of Velen, the city of Novigrad, the islands of Skellige or the lush countryside of Toussaint. World building is top notch - I always enjoy reading the bestiary and journal entries of various characters you meet. The characters are all fantastic, Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Trish, etc. are instantly likable and interesting, and while Eredin might not be the best villain ever made, it is more than made up for with Gaunter o'Dimm and Detlaff van der Eretain in the two DLCs. The story is gripping from beginning to end and the side quests are equally fantastic as well. Music is also great, especially in the Skellige region. Role play aspect is also done very well, I rarely if ever felt like my dialogue options were meaningless. Gwent is also quite addicting. 

Again, combat could be better and there are quite a lot of bugs but otherwise it's an absolute must-buy and is a game that sets the standards for RPGs everywhere. 
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»

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The invention is breezy 
«Blew my mind»
Exceptional just for the atmosphere and quests
Finished Game and DLC but not 100% (yet)

I tried to get into this a few times but just couldnt. Between the carry weight and the visual effect for your witcher sense i ended up giving up.. but my god am i glad i came back. Because there is no other game like the witcher out there. This game truly is a masterpiece to me. 

Theres little else i can say that hasnt been said.

Combat- 10/10
Not something i was used too.. or really interested in given most settings but because the story and world matched it so well, gave it a good reason.. it felt really compelling and masterfully done, i dont think i could have done any better. Even if i was just spinning my sword around like a tornado at the end lol.

Story- 10/10
Now the main story's ending isnt the greatest, nothing insanely compelling but as i always say the journey to getting there is what counts. And every minute was a joy. The only quests i didnt like were the ones in skellige but i just didnt like the setting that much. Every character or quest feels important and meaningful. Theres the rare fetch quest but apart from that they are beautiful stories that our witcher fumbles his way through. 
The dlc are FUCKING INSANE. Every second of these masterpieces are mindblowing and these alone would get 10/10s from most people. 

Gameplay- 10/10
The gameplay never got boring or tedious, the weight being the biggest burden, it only ever got better and better. My favorite part was exploring a city and all its nooks and crannies though.. the forrests were less interesting for me.

Graphics/art- 10/10
Looks fantastic, some really nice breathtaking views to be had and theres tons of attention to detail, from the monsters and darker stuff to just gwent cards they all look phenomenal.

Music- 10/10

Overall Score - 10/10
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Finished it on PC with a few mods added. I tried to get into this game 3 separate times. The first two was with the PS4 and after 8 hours in, I couldn't get into it. The battle mechanics felt clunky and the voice acting didn't really appeal to me. The two things that bothered me the most was the constant fixing of the swords and armors and the carry weight limit. I absolutely despised these factors.

I gave it one more go when the upgraded graphics came out and this time, I played it on PC with mods that helped with the things I found annoying. And Holy Canoli, it made the game so much better. I adore games with strong storytelling and once I was able to remove the things that annoyed me, the Witcher world sucked me in. I got used to the Geralt's voice and the upgraded graphics made the game look so pretty to look at.

If I'm being honest, the the main storyline on Withcer 3 was like a 7/10 for me. It was cool, kept me engage most of the time. But the expansion pack, specifically Blood and Wine was at another level. That DLC really put the charm on the game. It felt like a really well done fantasy drama with a lot of the NPC really having depth in their characters. And I I enjoyed the fact that there were other accents used in this part of the world and it gave the Witcher world a fresher vibe.

All in all, I rate this 8.5 / 10. Some tedious part here and there (running quests for x) but that's to be expected. If the side quests were created were it didn't feel so regurgitated, I would have given it a 10/10.
I didn’t like the game
best game for ever
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
One of my favorite games!
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Read all the books.Played all the Witchers.
Just my applause.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»