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Far Cry 4 review
by Henrique Bressiani

Data que joguei: --/--/-- n me lembro

Informações baseadas até no ponto que joguei;

Gráficos bons para a época, a história não é ruim mas não me impressionou ou me prendeu ao assunto, trilha sonora básica, não adiciona nenhuma emoção ao jogo, o que mais me decepcionou foi o fato de ser basicamente uma repaginação de seu antecessor, o Far Cry 3, não trazendo grandes novidades ou mudanças ao jogo, tanto na gameplay como no designe da interface do jogo, tornando assim a gameplay repetitiva principalmente para quem tivesse acabado de jogar o Far Cry 3. O jogo no geral não é completamente ruim, depende muito de seu gosto para jogos, se você quer um jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa e é fã da saga Far Cry provavelmente irá curti o jogo.

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Vilain perhaps not as intense as FC3 but this opus litterally improved on every single aspect of what was already excellent before.
«Better with friends»
«Beaten more than once»
Honestly not enough change from 3 to warrant an own installment. Pagan Minh is fun in the first 15 minutes and then he gets stale
It's a far cry game, enough said. Good to scratch the itch of playing a FPS. The villain was very forgettable, when comparing with, for example, the villain from the 3rd one.
Oh and also lots of bugs, especially with the mouse.
«Sit back and relax»
Playing 3 and 5 felt like pulling nails and thus I didn’t finish them, but this was great.. fun and charismatic. Shooting felt good. Beautiful too.
Only odd numbered Far Cry games are good.
Buggy piece of a game even after lots of years after release
Several missions checkpoint failures making you to pass some missions several times.
Liked the story though
Nothing new from Far Cry 3, the story is too long and not so cool. But playing it in 2020, it was cool to remember some things from Far Cry 3. At 50% progress i just wanted to finish it ASAP...
«Game over at last!»
An amazing villain, an amazing setting, and refined gunplay to go along with it. Sure, it's a little cookie cutter here and there, but the ability to play co op with friends elevates this series to another level.

It's fun as heck to mess with the netcode, too.
«Better with friends»
Since Far cry 1 in 2004, I haven't been disappointed by the Franchise. Apart from abusive language, I absolutely loved everything about FC4. They kept everything we loved in earlier versions and this time has the right play time. Great graphics, fun to play, optimal controls, alternate story "Shangri-la" is something unique and enjoyable. Also, the gameplay time is just right. Caution! This game is NOT for children.
«Can’t stop playing»
Far Cry 4 was the first game I played when I bought my Xbox one. I had a blast. I stayed up way too late just wanting to do that one last task.  It was a great way to jump back in to gaming.

Final Score: A+