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Far Cry 4 review
by Henrique Bressiani

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Gráficos bons para a época, a história não é ruim mas não me impressionou ou me prendeu ao assunto, trilha sonora básica, não adiciona nenhuma emoção ao jogo, o que mais me decepcionou foi o fato de ser basicamente uma repaginação de seu antecessor, o Far Cry 3, não trazendo grandes novidades ou mudanças ao jogo, tanto na gameplay como no designe da interface do jogo, tornando assim a gameplay repetitiva principalmente para quem tivesse acabado de jogar o Far Cry 3. O jogo no geral não é completamente ruim, depende muito de seu gosto para jogos, se você quer um jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa e é fã da saga Far Cry provavelmente irá curti o jogo.

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Playing 3 and 5 felt like pulling nails and thus I didn’t finish them, but this was great.. fun and charismatic. Shooting felt good. Beautiful too.
Only odd numbered Far Cry games are good.
Buggy piece of a game even after lots of years after release
Several missions checkpoint failures making you to pass some missions several times.
Liked the story though
Nothing new from Far Cry 3, the story is too long and not so cool. But playing it in 2020, it was cool to remember some things from Far Cry 3. At 50% progress i just wanted to finish it ASAP...
«Game over at last!»
An amazing villain, an amazing setting, and refined gunplay to go along with it. Sure, it's a little cookie cutter here and there, but the ability to play co op with friends elevates this series to another level.

It's fun as heck to mess with the netcode, too.
«Better with friends»
Since Far cry 1 in 2004, I haven't been disappointed by the Franchise. Apart from abusive language, I absolutely loved everything about FC4. They kept everything we loved in earlier versions and this time has the right play time. Great graphics, fun to play, optimal controls, alternate story "Shangri-la" is something unique and enjoyable. Also, the gameplay time is just right. Caution! This game is NOT for children.
«Can’t stop playing»
Far Cry 4 was the first game I played when I bought my Xbox one. I had a blast. I stayed up way too late just wanting to do that one last task.  It was a great way to jump back in to gaming.

Final Score: A+
This game is surely great, but is to damn long!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What starts like a bombastic FarCry Title that everyone wants ends in a bitter Disappointment dangerously close to Homefront revolution ... If we have the Beginning of the feeling that the Missions are exciting and varied, after the first Chapter we have to realize that only a few Elements are added. Most Of it remains as usual. "Conquer Tower X," Save the Hostages, Repel the Attack, take in blah. Over and over again without it being very different from the previous Pattern. The Graphics are magnificent, you almost want to just sit somewhere and look into the Landscape. The villages also come to life very vividly. The NPCs harvest, run from A to B, sit gobbling in a Corner and smoke ... And much more. But what you also notice is that these free Patroulls have nothing to do all day but shout "EAGLE!!!" AND then shoot them out of the Air. In Places, you just shake your Head ... Even the completely sensely-exempt rum Barns into the Air, after the battles won, Is a paradoxical Behavior, which I have not yet been able to comprehend, in view of the scarcity of resources of the Rebels. From a dramaturgical point of View, certainly great and great, but lacks any Logic in View of the Story. What excited me was vehicle Selection. From Bajajaj to Golf2, everything is represented. Even little Bullis and Quads. The Driving Physics and Camerawork at the Wheel takes getting used to but better than in many other Game * hust * Homefront * hust *. The Game offers rudimentary Crafting, the Possibility to sell Loot and you have various Weapons at your disposal, which you almost all have to buy with looted Money. Especially with Regard to weapons, the annoying Limitation of the Essays is always negative. Either a Magazine Mod OR a Visir ... Either a this OR the ... It is therefore difficult to find or configure a perfect Weapon. The Penetration power of the Weapons is also described as "unrealistic" still very benevolent. While we can often get enemies done with targeted Head Shots, we often need entire Magazines for approaching Animals. Since then, I have only been hunting rhinos and Elephants with The Tank Fist, because they are apparently hardened even against Sniper shots in the Head and in Hail of bullets from Assault Rifles more of a Spur To see even more on the Wheel. The KOOP. Yes... High on rise and a Boon for me! It would be possible to play the Campaign in the Co-op as well, it said. Well and as is so often the case, it has not succeeded again here. Start the Co-op, which by the way presupposes that you have completed the first Chapter, and invite a Friend, all story missions disappear from the Game and we can only dedicate ourselves to the extremely repetive "Erove this, erove that, caper that" missions Until they hang us out of our Necks. Oh da ham ' but we're Fun! All in All, Farcry 4 is an Eye-catcher that comes across technically clean. There are many beautiful Details in the Game world and initially the Missions are really Fun, so you want to dive in properly. Unfortunately, the Joy then passes in the Course of later Chapters because there are simply far too many Elements 1:1 repeated. That wasn't my Case, but it's certainly a bit of a Flavour matter as well.
Great FPS with open world in a beautiful setting. Much better than FC3 IMHO.