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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two review
by sad bear

i understand why stealth couldn't have been a bigger part of the main game, but this is nonetheless much more compelling to play through mechanically than all of the game otherwise

the narrative serves as a decent, if not very essential cycle-ending capstone to Bioshock as a series
we didn't need to know how Atlas began his take over of Rapture, but i wasn't irritated about it
we didn't need this revenge turned redemption plot for a non-omniscient Elizabeth to go through, but i'm overall glad we have it

we especially didn't need to know that Fitzroy's child-murder-ness was something that she was asked to do by the Lutece's, a couple of people i still don't quite understand on the same level that you don't really know why the fucking Gman does what Gman does
because by god does that put into question a few things:
why the fuck are the Vox Populi still characterized as murderous thugs? is this supposed to make her a martyr? because it just feels like a justification for a story telling choice that didn't make any fucking sense at the time and especially doesn't make sense now
Elizabeth could've became a hardened killer through like
another method, maybe? 
something relating to Booker would've been fine

idk i'm not gonna ramble anymore, this dlc's good and absolutely worth the five-six hours it takes to get through both episodes
but if you didn't like infinite, you won't really like this all that much more