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Tales of Zestiria review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Having played Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Eternia, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia 2 and Tales of Legendia, I was expecting my best Tales of. Instead, I had disappointments.
It's not a bad game, but it doesn't beat Tales of Symphonia. *addon: and even Tales of Berseria, which got a much better story.

 The things I liked
 1. The graphics were good.
 2. The music is great!
 3. The characters are easy to grow attached to.
 4. The principle of "fusion" during the battle, which I like very much.
 5. The 4 elemental-themed dungeons.

 The things I disliked
 1. A vast world to explore, but it feels quite empty at many places.
 2. Cities where there is not much to see/to do.
 3. All the other dungeons, repetitive and without originality.
 4. Almost no costumes to unlock in the game. Everything is in DLC now.
 5. The exorbitant price of DLCs. *addon: then again I brought them all.
 6. The side quests are boring. Well, not all of them, but still.
 7. The combat system with its dumb camera. How many times have I found myself seeing nothing in front of me, except the silhouette of a monster? *addon: I also ended up most often “stuck in a wall” too.
 8. Too complex equipment management.
 9. The "fusion" concept is cool, but limit the choice of the character to control during the fights. (Rose or Sorey.)
 10. A scenario that I like at first, then it annoyed me, and then I didn’t care about the story at all and I “rushed” to the end boss.

 To conclude: Tales of Zesteria is not bad. The “fusion” concept is interesting, and the combats system is still engaging, like all Tales of games. The story had an interesting premise but, for me, become dull the more you progress. When I did Tales of Berseria, I feel like that game story served as a “fix” for TOZ.

Other reviews5

Great story, fun characters. Sadly combat devolves into super mode rock paper scissors
A loveable cast (minus Rose), a great OST and an interesting plot, soured by an abysmal camera and rock-scissor-paper gameplay
«Disappointment of the year»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Graphic: Nothing extraordinary, it is a Graphic Style that is not for everyone but proper Anime fans should not mind such a thing big. The Anime Cutscenes are very high quality and the Animations are anything but 08/15 Trash. Sound: The game has a successful Soundtrack in any case. Certain Tracks also remain in the Memory but some unfortunately don't. Otherwise, the Soundtrack always fits very well with the individual Situations and Moments, be It boss fights, the Upper World or the Dungeons. Characters: Mostly very sympathetic Characters who already earn one or the other Sympathy Points in the Intermediate Spreads. Be it the Motivating Rose that also pursues a dark Background story, or Edna, who usually always has the right saying To the right Situation or the imagined Zavied and so on and immediately. Control: At First, unfortunately, it takes quite getting used to, especially if you gamble with Controllers but when the Control of the largest Part of the successful combat System is inside, it runs wonderfully and makes You feel good. Multiplayer: Non-existent Game Time: With the Main Story you are busy about 50 Hours, with Side Quests and everything and on top of it you can already get to just over 60 Hours. For a fairly current RPG completely in Order. Verdict: With all Points a nice Anime RPG that is definitely worth a Look. Even besides Zestria I only played Symphonia and Beseria and therefore only partially know the Tales of Row, but can certainly confirm that people who can do something with RPG and Anime this Game Is worth a Recommendation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I've been thinking for a Long time about what rating I'm giving to the Game. Because the Story itself is pretty good and a Treat for Anime Fans. But the bottom Line is I have to give a bad Rating due to the really lousy Gameplay. The World Of Zestiria is beautifully prepared and, as with most Japanese RPGs, offers its own unique Environment, with its own Story and Opponents and well-designed Characters to Accompany you. Each Start of the Game includes a great Intro And also the Cutscenes make you Want to keep playing. So Much for the positive Part. But the Combat System is really the last Crap. You basically click your Soul out of your Body to win and your Companions always do the same. No real Strategy included. What happened to the good old turn-based Battles à la Final Fantasy or Good Hack and Slay like Zelda? I don't know who could stand on such a Combat System like this. Even the Configuration of the Equipment I find somehow extremely annoying and not really thought through. Most of The time you try to make something sensible together as different Equipment elements can increase abilities, but the next Weapon or Armor then either nullifies your tedious, skills-mounted equipment or you lay that down Part doesn't first arrive. So you either spend Hours trying to find or create the right one or you'll just leave it at some point because you don't Feel like it anymore. Verdict: All in all, I spent a lot of Money on a Game that looks great but after 1-2 Hours in which one hopes that the Combat System will get better, at some point will be really boring and after a certain Amount of time just won't start even if the Shortcut is right in front Flashes one out. Because if the Gameplay is annoying, even the best Story can't rip a Game out.