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The Logomancer review
by Mia Blais-Côté

A very interesting game. All the images (characters, monsters, places) seem to have been drawn by hand, although the result is more or less convincing. Well, everyone has his own tastes. The fights are special. Rather than confronting our opponents with swords, magic, or futuristic weapons, we engage them in a small debate. These are the types of dialogue and philosophy we use as weapons. Of course, the basic principle of any good RPG (dropping points to 0 to eliminate the enemy) is the same, but I found the idea of fighting with dialogue very original. The dialogues between our heroes are also unique, with a certain penchant for grand words and philosophy. Recommended, if you can appreciate the graphic style.

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Replacing the names of abilities in a JRPG with some words related to rhetoric does not make a game about rhetoric. A bad, boring JRPG.