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Sweet Lily Dreams review
by Mia Blais-Côté

This game has great graphics, all customized, good music, good fighting system, and a very interesting storyline. So why the negative review? First of all, the game is called Sweet Lily Dreams. So I was expecting Lily to be the heroine of this story. Well no, Faith has the role, and I don't like this character at all. Lily's role is minor. Speaking of Lily, her character has a lot of contractions. She seems to be a 4-5 year old girl and yet at many times she talks like a mature older person. Also, she shows no fear, even though she is supposed to fight horrible monsters in nightmarish worlds with Faith and her companions. Do I need to say that these worlds are based on horror classics, such as Saw or the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? I don't know of any 4-5 year old girls in real life who wouldn't be afraid in these kinds of situations. Not Lily, anyway. Also, although the story of Sweet Lily Dreams has a lot of potential, with the world of dreams, nightmares and self-discovery, it's unfortunately full of standard fights (the monsters moving around in the different dungeons) that are impossible to avoid if you don't want to grind too much. Very labyrinthine dungeons (easy to get lost) and, which made me leave the game and never finish it, quite complex puzzles and enigmas, most of which can't be skipped. Its price is also very high for a game made with RPG Maker. So I can only recommend it to players looking for a good challenge with puzzles, riddles, and labyrinthine dungeons.

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Overall, I can "recommend" SLD as a Game at a small Price (obtained by a Bundle). The 2D RPG plays from the Perspective from above-like the first/classic Zeldas and Final Fantasies we know and love so much. In different Dream Worlds, you can find different unique and beautifully designed Maps, which are visually a little different from the RPG maker allerse. Within the individual Maps there are classic Dungeons, which unfortunately can no longer keep up with the otherwise interesting Level Structure, but often seem generic/copied-with 90 ° Forks and far too frequently placed mobs. We can identify the Latter from Afars and provoke their Attention by Approaching them-touch the Enemies, it goes into a classic turn-based Combat-> Attacks, skills use, Items or Defenders-one already knows everything. Although the Game Also offers Crafting, it has a Problem overall With the Variety of Attacks: You can't forge weapons, but furnishing Sitems or Spells-that was it in Principle (at least for the Beginning and as Part of my 2 Hours of Testing). So You will always be clinging nicely to the Enemies with Standard Attacks until everyone is dead-learnable Skills and unique Attacks? After 2 Hours Of testing At least False Advertisement. Your Party expands quickly and also quickly rises levels, but noticeably stronger will not be a single one of You. So The Problem is that the Battles are dragging on terribly, quickly bored and the Enemy Crowds Also diligently respawn after Leaving the Screen Eas. The Dungeons as well as general Environments contain too little interesting Equipment-it lacks the Addiction spiral of a Diablos. You just keep Bagging Crafting material that helps you a little further earlier and later. Highlight of the Char equipment: Each Char is only allowed to attract one of the less frequently found accessories. Put on a Necklace-there's no Magic Ring on your little finger! (What does the Player think? Claims! Pfff!) The Quests that you contain are nicely cleaned up in The Questbook, but all sort themselves thematically into the Category "Hol me please Item X-thank you!." Unfortunately, however, a Map is lost-especially on the first Visit to the City, which works thanks to a small Image section and copied Houses as well as paths like the purest labyrinth. Resolution cannot be adjusted. Either you play in the Full Screen (recommended) or in the absolutely minimalist Winnie Winzig window. Despite all these Weaknesses, however, the typical monster clopping and improving feeling of addiction sets in. The Story doesn't work at all, but the Minigames, the adventure portion with Inventory and deployable Items, and The Learning of the Steam Trophies. Those who have no Problem with Grinding imposed by the Game and can split their Sessions before the boredom Smashes the Verdict on the Game can access-after all, there is Variety in Terms of Ambience and Themes, but unfortunately not in Terms of Dungeons and Mobs.