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Memody: Sindrel Song review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Right. I guess it's up to me to leave the first negative evaluation for "Memody: Sindrel Song" (here and on Steam!). A rhythm game with a special twist, in which you have to learn by heart parts of a melody and repeat the notes while keeping the rhythm. Even when playing on the Casual mode, which allows you to retry after a mistake until the end of one of the seven melodies of the game, I blocked, I "ragequit", I tried again, to finally end up stuck for good to Vivace’s melody, that’s the 4th one. Without quick eye-hand coordination (for me), and not having a musical ear, I would hit “walls” (aka get stuck) at all the melodies, even during the melody at the very beginning of the game (Memody's awakening)!, and I would quickly become frustrated + all the rage quits. The graphic style (the art) is nice, the music is very good, the story has an interesting concept, but I didn't get “engaged” into it (like wanting to know more about the characters, the lore, etc). As the game is just reading dialogues and doing the melodies, I quickly got bored and had a very unpleasant game experience. So I can't recommend it, but, who knows?, you might like the game.