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Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Incredible, a game inspired by Quebec and Innu folklore! Even if it's not my type of game at all, a mix of tower defense and real-time strategy, its scenario and Quebec dubbing won me over. Recommended.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Nevertheless, Sang-Froid-Tales of Werewolves is not particularly impressive, but the Mix of Strategy and Action makes for a demanding And entertaining Gameplay. The Plot of the Game revolves around the O 'Carroll siblings in snowy 19Th-century Canada. After an Incident in the Village of Wolvesvale, Joseph and Joséphine seek Refuge in their Brother Jacques'S remote Forest Hut. Once There, however, the Compulsion between the Brothers is supposed to be the most small Concern of the Family members. So not only Wolves attack the House at night, on top of that the Sister suddenly hovers over her Bed like obsessed and talks strange in front of her. While diabolical Plans are literally hatched in the village and an old Prophecy seems to be fulfilled, the O 'Carrolls must protect themselves from more Attackers on the coming Nights. Unfortunately, the nice Story is told in less impressive Cutscenes. May The Comic-style videos still make a good Impression, those with the 3D character models seem downright cheap. This is primarily due to the fact that the Movements of the already low-detail Figures are poorly animated. This is also evident in the Character Portraits in the Shops, where the respective Trading Partners also have only modest Facial Expressions. Otherwise, the Presentation is quite solid. The Comic Look is simple and the language and Sound Effects are not outstanding, but the Title scores with atmospheric musical Accompaniment. The Game consists of a total of twenty Chapters in which one has to protect the Surrounding area of Jacques Hütte every Night from Waves of attacking Creatures. First of all, it is important to plan the Defense On the Area map. Knowing the Type, Number and Route of the Enemies, you can prepare for the Attack accordingly. One influences the Movement of the Enemies and places various Traps at the appropriate Points. This is quite important, as most Defense Devices need to be activated manually. This is then done in the second Part of The game. Here you control one of the two Brothers in the Third-Person. In addition to the Traps, an axe and Rifle are available to give Werewolves and other Opponents the last Rest. Once a Chapter has been successfully completed, Money and Experience points beckon. This buys new Weapons or other Equipment And improves The Effect of various Traps, as well as Combat Techniques. This helps immensely as the Area grows as The game progresses, more Buildings need to be protected and the Creatures become increasingly dangerous. Sang-Froid-Tales of Werewolves combines Strategy and Action in a refreshing Way. Without good Planning, a Mission can quickly fail because you are inferior to an Enemy herd In direct Combat or do not reach an endangered Building at the other End of the Map at an early stage. Therefore, there is not much Room for Error, which does not make the Game unfair, but quite demanding. But even in the Action Part you are demanded a lot, Traps have to be triggered at the right Time and Enemies have to be distracted. Moreover, even Battered Werewolves in direct Combat are still proving to be dangerous Adversaries. Unless you're at an Orcs must Die! Fallen, but places more Emphasis on the Strategy aspect and seeks less but more demanding Fights, should have its Pleasure in this Game.