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Skullgirls review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Never having been a big fan of fighting games (I must say I'm pretty bad at them!), I've nevertheless got hooked on Skullgirls. As much with its sublime soundtrack, its charismatic characters, including those in DLC, and its very stylish graphics. It's thanks to this game, and to Commander Keen, that I have a Steam account, that's to say! I recommend it without hesitation.

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god i fucking love women and boobs i need parasoul to crush me
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
This game has a lot of style, but I simply cannot get into combo-heavy fighting games
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I think the computer opponents are too much supported alone in the daytime challenge of Squigly, for example. The initial debuffs in the case are dead too strong, but there is also a praise for the graphics, the translations and story alone, as well as I would wish that to Marie Skullgirl because I think you could make a pretty good source story from the whole or at least another story with her as the final boss would be very cool and I hope that in style something will come because I think I'm not the only one who finds that Hi Freddybot2006, We're very sorry that you find the AI ​​overly difficult. We are constantly working on tuning and balancing it, and we should make some improvements in our next 2.7 update. As for the story, we are working on adding more to it, and you should see some news about this later in the year. Thank you for playing the game and letting us know your thoughts! ~ ~ HVS
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Microsoft from French
Really excellent ... H but what is this opinion ?? !! ... ... That's serious ?? ... I did not know how many games on my Tel, and frankly, this one my flat reconciled with the genre clatement in 2D. Pffooaaawwww ... and what about the realization ?? ... It's impossible to pass by this small addiction high colors. No dpub, it is very fluid, a gameplay very nervous, it is super volutive, it is ultra pleasant RTIINE, a true leon to know how to do ... and ... it's free! ... ... I thank you sincerely for this Work worthy of the greatest games of the genre, you make sure dead ... ... I'm in your dlire. You deserve much more davis and notes that reflect your spirit ... know, 5 ... 6 of 5 ms ... Excellent. Thanks again to the awning to put in light. It's lclate. ... go for it !! Hi NickoPunch, Wow! Thank you for the wonderful review! We're glad you are enjoying the game! ~ ~ HVS
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Microsoft from Italian
I think I played just about any fighting game for the iPhone. The best ones can be counted on the fingers of one hand and I was delighted to discover Skullgirls, which if not the best ever very little is missing! Fantastic, crazy gameplay even if you use gestures (while similar games, like the one with the Marvel or injustice heroes ... they are really boring and repetitive), I didn't think it was possible! They make fantastic combos, amazing special moves and even the system to collect hundreds of character variations, special moves and unlock new ingenious and not frustrating skills as often happens with similar games. Use the classic loot boxes but they are pleasant, never remain without doing anything for hours even because the energy system reasons for individual characters. Just collect some and you're forced to use them all to continue the missions! I feel that longevity gains a lot. They only ask me when they will implement Miss Fortune, the only absent!