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Loop Hero review
by Tuomas Äystö

Loop Hero is a combination of dungeon crawler, deck building and idle game - although none of these labels describe it really well.

In the game, the player character runs arround in a looped path and places locations and objects (mountains, swamps, forrests) on the map via cards the player gets while moving. These locations grant the player new resources (needed for basebuilding between runs) and new equipment, as well as new cards, but they also spawn enemies the passing player will have to fight.

The core mechanic is risk vs. reward. One must either choose to exit with all the loot while at the starting point of the loop, or risk loosing a portion of the loot if one dies or runs away mid loop.   

In sum, the game works really well. The aesthetics are that of an old pc game, which is highly refreshing after playing so many pixel art games, where pixel art means NES or SNES style.

Definitely give this one a go if this sounds like your thing.

Played on pc (Steam).

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