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Far Cry 5 review
by NikTheZocker

Not every Problem can be solved with a bullet.
So... After about 33 hours I have finished the game and have done almost everything in the main story, except some quests about "fish one of those fish" and "hunt so many of those animals". I also still have to play the Arcade Mode. Anyway, I bought this game with zero expactations, especially after it kinda vanished of peoples focus after release or so it seemed like to me, but shortly after I started playing it, I started gathering positive experiances with it. The gunplay is on point, the graphic is nice and the story, oh man the story. I'll be honest, most of the quests are about walking from A to B and shoot people either loud or quietly and or gather 15 pieces of something etc. It gets pretty monoton pretty fast, yet the villians are soooooo damn well written, it's a shame it's not a movie. Besides that most of the other NPCs, especially the side quest NPCs, are desperate to get on the same level as the Borderlands NPCs but do not stop to fail. Looking back on all those friendly characters, who are trying to be funny, only one or two are actually funny. Still, if you play the three regions in the correct order (there is no real order), which is for me John, Faith, Jacob, the plot is getting more intense from region to region. Besides that, the whole story is historically relevant and quite possible in my opinion. At least it has an important message, but I'll leave that to the players to figure out and interpretate (Do read all of the messages lying around in the world. Some of them are important for the understanding.). Especially the ending hit me hard. I also want to point out, that you feel totally out of place yourself in the beginning. I mean you're in America, after you have been in Africa, on a tropical pirate island and Nepal. Getting from 3rd world countries to a 1st world country is definitely strange, when you sneak through houses you know from mostly comedy and soap opera movies and are not associated with a gun driven shooter game scenario. The only thing that really bothered me, was that one is forced to play the regions endmission after reaching enough resistance points, although you're not done with everything in the region. Don't worry you can still finish everything before the final mission of the game has been started.
 All in all: 4/5
 ... and only because most of the side quests are getting really boring after a while.
«That ending!»

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Gweh I wanted to love it but I cannot. It remains unfinished despite attempts..  it’s like mediocre to me but I think the plane related missions are actually the worst thing on the earth. 
The best Far Cry game, but skip the dlc.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
I really liked it. I’m a bit of a simpleton when it comes to gaming and still get a kick out of open world RPGs. I’m a big fan of FC3, Blood Dragon, and FC4, and this one perfects the formula, even if the formula is getting a bit overripe. Folks talk a lot about the repetitive, overlong nature of RPGs, particularly ones from Ubisoft. I don’t disagree, but did have a lot of fun with FC5. I love Montana, so that helps. I wonder if FC6 is gonna be able to change things up enough to catch people’s interest again.
This one is complicated. I liked it, but after loving Far Cry 3, really liking 4, 5 while fun is just plain starting to feel to repetitive. Still fun, but kinda started to get bored after a while. Still recommend, especially if you have not played 3 and 4, but really hope they freshen things up for 6. 
Bringing the series back to the US really highlights how bizarre the series is. Still, co-op makes this game an incredible treat if you have a friend or two to take along for the ride.
«Better with friends»
My favorite part of Far Cry 3 and 4 was seeing how the experience changes the protagonist and a memorable villain. Joseph Seed is cool and all but he’s only around for a third of the game since you can take on the family in whichever order you want. There’s no subtle or clever themes present either like parallelism in Far Cry 3. At this point it was just another generic shooter and less of a Far Cry game. 
The setting of the game is very interesting and the characters are unique and memorable, as expected from a Far Cry game. While the same formula has been used, chasing after the bad guys and liberating towns, the game introduced new weapons, vehicles, character customization, the ability to have companions and many more features. I enjoyed playing this game and I recommend it.
this game is honestly boring if you dont have friends to play with 4.5/10
«Waste of time»
I liked the setting and story for far cry 5. The visuals were great. The gameplay is familiar and still feels quite good. The far cry games have also felt very addicting to me. I just want to do one more thing. Although I still really enjoyed this game there are two reasons it is lower than Far Cry 4.
Reason #1 - I like hunting animals to get skins and use them for upgrades. I wish they kept that in this game. This is going to sound a bit hypocritical when you here the next reason.
Reason #2 - I’m now a bit fatigued of this formula. It’s a great formula and I was only fatigued near the end but it’s been done enough that it started to feel repetitive towards the end. 

I still had a lot of fun with Far Cry 5.

Final Score: A