Average Playtime: 1 hour

The 7th Guest review
by Christopher Tristan

The puzzles are difficult and the idea is interesting, but unskippable cutscenes/dialogue ruin the pacing of the game. Whenever you need to restart a puzzle or try again you have to watch the video and listen to the narrator/characters. You also have slow dragging videos whenever you turn around or go somewhere. These unskippable bits really make the game tedious, so it's only worth sitting through if you really like the puzzles/story.
Also check out Clandestiny.
Yeah, in the early 90s the live action video in video games had a wow-factor, so the cutscenes were not a problem at all and a huge part of the appeal. I really wish some would release the remake of the original puzzles from 7th Guest but on mobile and without a "walking the house" part.