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Rocket League review
by >noderunner_

Is it good? Nah, it's one of the best games of all time. Easy to play yet impossible to master. Excitement every time you score a goal.
«Can’t stop playing»

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Overall 8.7 / 10

Gameplay 8 / 10
Story N/A
Visuals 8 / 10
Length 10 / 10
Enjoyment 9 / 10
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is very good. There's the rather exotic Sport of the Car ball, which is similar to Football. In Germany, it was made known by Stefan Raab. Two Groups of Cars/Motorists have to bugger a huge Ball into the opponent's goal. Rocket League (RL) takes up this Game idea and implements it quite ingeniously electronically, adding many Variants to this Principle. The most common Variant Of the Game is a Football-like game in a Football-like Arena. However, this is completely surrounded by Walls and a Ceiling, all of which are passable. The Corners are rounded, so the Vehicles, as well as the Ball, don't corner anywhere. The Learning Curve in this Game is quite steep. The Tutorial is highly recommended. But You will also notice what Art it is. As long as all the Participants are about the same, it's a lot of Fun. From a very simple Way of Playing (as you might know it from the real Car stop) to Acrobats of the Skies (yes, the Cars can fly), which leave your Mouth open, everything is conceivable. You can both perform private Matches (i.e. play with Friends, one makes the Host and invites), using Bots (stupid, heavy or saucid) or public Matches, with the game picking the Opponents. Here you can compete as a Team closed or join a Team as a Single Player. It is possible to 1vs1 to 4vs4. However, this Match finding is not without Pitfalls and the Main Problem that can spoil the Fun. The right Match finding is certainly a very complex Problem and I understand that this is not easy to program or implement. Since Games limited Waiting Times, Ping, predetermined Team Formations and everything else might still play a Role. The Problem, though, is that you often hit far better players in Matches ranked And technically, against whom you have little Chance, which can be very frustrating, especially if you're the Weaker one in a Team. Since the Rounds usually only last 5 Minutes, you can still go in search of a thrilling Match. For a change, there are also other Game variants, Ice Hockey and Basketball, for example, as well as different Arenas and different Settings with the use of Power-Ups or the Effect of Contacts. The Cars can be spiced up before the Game starts, but this is all purely visual and decorative (probably also the Shape of the Car). You can also spend a lot of extra Money in the Game, but there is no Pay To Win. Even the "Lootboxes," which costs more than 1 Euro to open, do not offer any important Advantages for playing. Still, if you're not exactly a pro, the Game will be the most Fun with Friends versus Friends. The Game idea is so entertaining that you can probably play it again and again. The Graphics I think are very good for such a multiplayer title with such a high Pace of play. Only if you really have nothing to do and look at the Area could you stumble across some Backdrops from "Cardboard." The Sound is apt, the Control with Controller is fairly simple (technically, running the Ball well is an Art). There are a lot of Achievements for which you have to do something. Pro & Contra: + An ingenious Game idea + Entertaining Matches, especially with Teamchat + Very nice Graphics o Very much entertaining Frills (E.g. for the optical Upgrade of the Vehicles)-The Level rise is somewhat problematic:--It is only tied to Points, not In real deeper "skills"--He's permanent (no matter how many times you play RL)-Match-finding Public Matches can be problematic--You soon encounter players who play far better and the demotivated Standings: 9/10 A real entertaining Ball Game especially with Friends versus Friends or Bots. If you have the appropriate Ambitions and Talents, playing a Part In the public Games can also Be fun in the long term.
I played this game for 1.800h now. (GrandChampion btw) 
Is there more I need to say? 
100% recommend, even if you don't like soccer or cars in particular.
«Just one more turn»
I'm not very good at this game, but I admit that it's great because of the great gameplay it has