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Distance review
by TheEmperorsEyebrows

The presentation is weaponized levels of amazing, both in sound and artstyle.

The mechanic of angling yourself to land on different platforms after a jump is great until it escalates to the point of endlessly repeating certain section to get the muscle memory of doing it right into you. I would have welcomed this escalation if it didn't happen in the span of a single stage from the end of the first campaign to level 1 of campaign 2.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»

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Decent game.

Fun for the most part until in the last levels where you need to be on drugs to finish it...
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Better than I expected. It's really a lot of Fun and the Graphics are appropriate. Using Your Own Songs is also a great Feature in my Opinion. What excited me the most, though, was the Gameplay, as it's explained relatively well during the Story and each Level is practically like a little Tutorial. The Atmosphere fits well with the Music, the futuristic Style is beautiful to look at. During my achievement hunt I always discovered something new, it never got boring for me and I kept getting surprised. When I was through with the Game, the Tension dropped (because it's me), but the Acarde mode was also quite entertaining. As a small Addition, there is still the Level Editor, but I didn't get a Bit clear with that, because everything was relatively complicated. The Online Mode is also a bit great, but the Gameplay is similar to Trackmania, where the Interaction with the other Players is completely lacking, but this is also necessary so that Bests cannot be emcuffed.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Distance This Game is a great Racing Game that is most likely to be compared to the famous Track Mania. In mostly very dark but colorfully illuminated Routes you drive through all sorts of Obstacles. Gravity does not Matter Here. No matter how you packed yourself against a Wall, below is where your Tires are. The obstacle lake mentioned can destroy you either completely or in part. Are you Only partially destroyed (E.g. sawed in the Middle) you can make your way through to the next Checkpoint and then be rebuilt. Most Fun is Distance With the Cards created by the Players in Online Mode. These go from very feasible to twisted heavy. However, due to the many necessary Functions of the Car, a Game with the Keyboard becomes very difficult and overwhelmed very quickly. Distance is characterized by a great Soundtrack that accentuates driving very fittingly. I have Distance are on the Screen for 2015 and already the GamesCom of the same Year are in my Library. One of the Developers said at his Booth at the time that the Game was nearly finished and could no longer be preserved long as an Early Acess, but as a "finished" game. Unfortunately, this has not happened to date. However, you have to Keep developers to good that they're getting regular Updates out. I will play the Game again in the Final Version and until then I will make a Recommendation to anyone who is looking for a cool Racing Game, that does not have to be particularly realistic but has a cool Style. With friendly Greeting MeisterEder135