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Destroy All Humans! (2020) review
by Admiral_Ant

Basically take an old formula for success and spice it up - that's what this game is. Granted, younger players that weren't around to play the original back in the day might find the game boring, repetitive etc., hence the ton of 'Meh' reviews here. I'd say this one's for us oldfags more than anyone else. If you've enjoyed the mindless theatre of carnage and destruction mixed with a good old American parody that was the original, you'll definitely enjoy the remake. The graphics are cranked up, there's more interactable stuff in the environment, the transitions are way smoother - the devs really did a good job modernizing this old gem. I feel like they haven't quite explored ALL the possibilities that modern hardware and software have to offer in terms of hub sizes, physics, destructible environment etc., but still great job.

Other reviews5

Well it's still funny and destructive to play. Offers a rare perspective to play antagonist role. Maybe challenges a bit too hard, some weapons are useless and needed more between land/ufo gameplay.
7.5 E.T.s of 10
A perfect remake of something that just doesn't hold up as well anymore
First off kudos to the devs for faithfully and beautifully remaking this old game.

But boy oh boy was this game better 15 years ago. Gameplay is boring. After mission 3 you've pretty much seen 90% of what this game has to offer. Hubs are boring and offer next to nothing other than menial challenges and collectible drones. The style of parody was original 15 years ago, but has since been perfected by a multitude of media, making this game even more redundant.

If this came out earlier I might have recommended it, but being released in 2020 this is a hard sell.
Journal Style Review:

Beat the opening 4 ish missions. Not that much fun so far. The writing had a couple chuckles but mostly misses. The gameplay is pretty simple and not engaging.

I’m deleting. It’s not fun. Feels very old and the gameplay is  boring. The story and writing also feel dated.

Final Score: B-