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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 review
by Graham Kaletsky

One of the best Left 4 Dead games

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This game manages to do a few things better than the original, which is always a plus. There are now subclasses to each classes that give access to new skills and weapons. There's also a bigger variety of weapons to use that allows for more build crafting. Playing it solo I didn't get too far into any of that. I played as the elf and dwarf for most of my time but near the end swapped to the wizard which played much differently. I liked the variety of staves you could have that would change up if you had precision attacks or an AoE. I'm sure this is much better with a friend or two as the bots are kinda idiots in a lot of cases but it was still manageable. I did have a few instances of weird texture pop in and textures turning into a strangle purple, oil-slick looking color. The biggest thing I disliked was how spongy some of the bosses were. Even when all members were attacking it was still a slog to whittle their health down. Aside from that, this is still the best that Workshop has put out in it's shovels full of Warhammer games in the past few years.
Concise Review:

The combat is simple but satisfactory. The enemies are repetitive, but it’s still enjoyable to hack and slash ratmen and orcs. The lack of mission variety and a boring loot and progression system makes it fun for a little while when trying out new characters and weapons, but once that initial experimentation was done I quickly lost interest.

Final Score: B

Journal Style Review:

The opening trailer and tone of the game was pretty cool but very quickly I realized that’s about all there is for the story and atmosphere. 

The combat is very hack and slash. It has an alright feel but not as good as I expected based on some reviews I saw. Its semi satisfying chopping up rat people because the gore is reasonable and the weapons look cool but it’s still just mashing attack. It probably requires more “skill” at higher levels but it seems repetitive and looks like it will get boring pretty fast. It’s also worth noting that it was pretty laggy and enemies and teammates occasionally jumped around or were on a half second delay so that was a big hindrance. The classes seem alright and I am interested to try out new weapons but I don’t like the loot box system for new gear. It just seems lazy. I also find the coop annoying and wish I could play solo. I don’t think I’m going to play this one for very long. 

Too few maps/missions. On my first night I played 5 missions and already had duplicates. That’s going to kill the vibe for me very quickly.

The second night was way more fun. The games were less laggy. Still not great but better. But the biggest improvement was the missions and environments were better, and the difficulty was much more appropriate at the next level. The initial training mode difficulty sucks. I still don’t love the destiny format of loot and hero power but hey, at least the combat was fun today. 

It’s not as bad as I originally thought. It’s still not good, but it is fun trying out new weapons and characters and when the game isn’t laggy then the combat does have a decent feel to it. The probables is when it’s laggy you cant tell where enemies actually are so it’s very button mashy. 

I was too harsh originally. This game has something to it. The combat does feel good when it isn’t laggy. Some of my favourite games were with bots so there was no lag. I am having fun trying out the different heroes and weapons. I’ve beaten all the missions now and there are some decent ones. It is all the same tasks and enemies but the environment and layout has some variety. Currently it’s at a high B.

I’ve tried out all the hero’s but 1 and I’ve beaten all the missions but 1. There was a brief moment I thought it might make the jump to a B+ but it isn’t there. I enjoyed messing around with the different characters and weapons and beating each mission once was enjoyable but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression and my motivation to keep playing is falling fast. Might play another night or two but that’s it.

Final Score: B
i recommend it but at this point i hear the game's broken
i've not touched it in a while so i can't say for sure, i can't only really speak from personal experience

like left 4 dead? like warhammer fantasy? play it, simple
it does melee combat extremely well, and if you like the formula enough a lot of my friends were addicted to it for a while
i don't stick with these games for a long time, but i tend to enjoy what i do play
the game's also pretty with a surprisingly good ost if you're into heavily percussive shit

just don't hate me if the game sucks now, because it didn't when i played it
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A great Game that I can recommend to anyone who ...-stands on Challenges. There Are three Levels of difficulty: 1. Heavy (if your Friends watch out for you, you can even go to The toilet for 30 Seconds during this) 2. Even harder (Going, you can make up, but during the Level what Drink is from time to time in) 3. Unimaginably heavy (... If you wink, you're dead) A Level lasts 15-30 Minutes. The Developers here have been mercilessly Ruthless. If the Team dies just before The end, there is not such a Thing as a Consolation Prize, but an outstretched finger, in ya Face. So Can be quite frustrating here and there, but that's where the Appeal lies. -stands on violent Games. The love to Detail the Splatter Effects reaches with this Game, a new Level. Beheadings, Legs shoot away, arms separate, Trunk, corpses mutilate et cetera and thanks to the (very authentic) Ragdoll physics, pretty much everything looks very authentic. -is a Graphic. Games of such a genre usually do not need good Graphics at all, this Game is loosely pocketed with its Graphics and Its Animations, many ' Game from large Development Studios. What I don't like personally: Character Development Technique is the Game, in the 90S. You can't create your own Character, but have to pick one of 5 (all ugly through the Bank) prefabricated Characters. This makes it impossible for two Players to play the same Character (which is pretty Shit with Multiplayer games with Friends, if someone now has to do without their favorite character, which they played on lvl 30 high and instead plays ne gay Elf, On lvl 1, with which he cannot deal at all (even does not want to)) Since you can't create a Character now and thus cannot delete it, the Skilltree, not a Skilltree in the true Sense, where you usually "develop" your Character and irrevocably Decisions have to be made, talents free And unlocked, which will unlock further talents (a Talent BAUM), but you can switch between your selected "Perks" at any time. This should not have been advertised as "Skilltree," because it is not one, that are "Perks," as with "Call of Duty," since no one speaks of "Skillen" I only play with the Witch Hunter. There is the Degen, Twins, Morning Star, Falchion and Axe for my Class. So this Game gives me 5 Weapons. I Find rather mau and owned almost everyone, after the first 2 Hours of play. Although the Game Gives game technology, a lot of potential For more Role-playing elements (we are talking about Warhammer, after all), it was actually dispensed with close to anything that would have given the Game more depth or just made it more complex. You can only carry a Potion, a Melee Weapon, a Ranged weapon, a Salvation object and a Bomb. It can hardly be even more limited. It is hard to impossible to interact with the surroundings, which makes you rusht through the Landscape that is actually beautiful, because you just know that there is nothing to discover. But here the Developers simply put their Focus on "Hack & Slash" and this missing Content is directly related to the Game principle. The Melee System is also rather simple. Most of the time is the left mouse button. However, there would have been no Room for more Depth, as the "normal" opponents run to one in hundred teams and allow themselves to be netted away. One only chooses to strike normally (left Mouse button), strike vigorously (hold left mouse button), block (right Mouse button) and dodge, finish. In Summary: Here, the Developers wanted to throw an action-heavy and challenging team hack & Slash/Survive Game To the Market at a high Level without dwell on details, depth of play, Story and other Schnick Schnack ... And they succeeded. Plug & Play, explaining everything yourself, you can get started right away.
The game had some major bugs for me. And by major I mean I couldn't even advance further due to the bugs. Enemies pass pass right through closed doors adn walls, bosses don't show up when they should, etc. I might try it again after some updates, but right now it is messy.
«Buggy as hell»
The original Vermintide was amazing. The sequel polishes and improves everything it should have. No more grinding level for a certain weapon, more variety in enemies, more approaches and variability to the gameplay. It is absolutely worth the rather low price and I am happy that these kind of sequels exist.