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Growing Up review
by RickLander

This is a cool game, one that I am happy to support. It's not long at all, I read somewhere that it takes about 3 hours, but I'm not even sure if it took me that long. I would guess 2 hours or maybe a little more. For 13-15 dollars, depending if it's on sale or not, that's a lot of money! You're not getting much value from this game, unless you plan to replay it a lot to see the different storylines and what not. I imagine there are more characters to meet and more places to explore, but I don't really have the urge to. I spent my time, experienced my character's journey, and I'm happy to pop out. I won't return to this game, but I won't forget it. It hit me in the feels a time or two, and even thought the writing isn't ground breaking, it is reliable and I think when you see the art style, you know the type of game that you're getting into. It gets my seal of approval and some, and the soundtrack is amazing. I want to know, was it created solely for the game?
«OST on repeat»