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Alien: Isolation review
by seekme_94

Not for the faint of the hearts. This is hardcore stuff and if you're a newbie, then please play on "Easy" mode (not even medium).
No wonder this game was placed among top 10 when it launched. First, please ignore the IGN review. That review is completely useless. This is absolute heart clutching masterpiece which gives you a real sense of what AI should be like in today's gaming. You're on a space station facing an Alien apocalypse and on top of that, the Androids also turn against you, as well as other people on the ship. So basically you're pretty much alone.
The limitation of resources, the stealth requirements, patience and determination you require in order to just get to next Save spot, the open world mechanics and special effects. All of these sum up to a spectacular game play.
My only complaint would be that the game is lengthy for no particular reason, some part is just repetitive to increase game play without adding any substance.
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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might make you sh*t your pants, 9/10
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Alien: Isolation reminds me of Outlast, the player needs to hide or run to survive the attack of enemies (in this case an Alien). This game has many tense moments that will put you on the edge of the seat. The story is great, the graphics are awsome, it's pretty long and the atmosphere is terrifying. Definitely worth your time.
I have similar feelings towards Alien Isolation as I do towards Outlast. I like the atmosphere but I don’t enjoy playing it that much. In theory I think it’s great but this style of sneaky game isn’t that much fun. Maybe I’m impatient.

Final Score: B 
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First of All, absolute Buy recommendation for Alien fans and those who want to become one. Just as importantly, this Review can be read from the Game without Knowledge, it does NOT contain any PLAY. The Game, for me had just under 18 Hours of Play, this Game time you could increase to 25-30 to SEE EVERYTHING and more uncommon Players will probably experience that through numerous Deaths as well. The Game I have played on medium, for as mentioned More unusual players this Level of difficulty is probably more or less to compare with "difficult." There are a few Situations in the Game where you will die 100% (NOT save!) and numerous Situations that are tricky. The Atmosphere, is great, dark Corridors, very good lighting effects and everywhere are Sounds. If you walk along a dark Aisle and suddenly your Motion Sensor plays crazy, you turn in panic in all Directions and have your Weapons already in the Stop to perceive a stomach-turning Scream, shortly afterwards a Dive and the steps become and the Steps Faster. You are considering running, but that causes Noise and the Alien knows all the more where you are. You just consider going into the squat and waiting. You are considering taking one of your many Tools to distract the Monster. But you decide to crawl Into one of the numerous Ventilation Shafts to sit out the Situation. Then Hear loud slow but steady footsteps to pass you and you know the Alien was right behind you. If you get involved in the Game, you will experience multiple Heart Attacks. But it's not just the Alien that is and will remain a Danger until the End. Numerous other Sources of danger are still available on the Space station. When you plant a stock-like room, the Light Sources of the room then activate because they registered your Movement, you realize that the Room is full of Corpses and Traces of Blood, then you know that the Alien can't be far. There comes a Soundloop from the worst Horror Movies and you hear farther away as the Alien Unlocks out of a Ceiling hatch. You go in Squat And watch it from a reasonable Distance and wonder where you ended up here. There are countless such situations and other Situations. The Story, is told well and with necessary Depth (Even for People who are foreign to the Alien Universe). There are Several Possibilities, on the one hand, the Conversations you have "face to face" or about intercom. Many "Cassette Recorders" lie (sometimes well hidden) around and have stored Recordings of different People and about as many Computer Systems there are that have many logs to read. The Controls and Mechanics, is typical First-person Shooter control And goes very well off the Hand. It should be noted that if you are in the "Building menu" the Game will continue. So You should look for a safe Place. Mechanics and gaming Experience from a graphic and logical Point of View is good and you hardly Feel that anything is busting here or not working as it should. There are 1-2 Problems, but they are not even worth talking about, so I will leave them out. It is, in my Opinion, bug free and the Gaming Experience is not lost to any Mechanics or Control Issues. The Duration of The game, as mentioned at the beginning, was for me almost 18 Hours and therefore perfectly fine and sufficient. Especially because these 18 Hours were extremely deep. The Game has a very good and easy Entry, in the middle part it attracts quite quickly and you suddenly find yourself in a Space horror again. Against 75/85% Game progress (I don't spoiler the exact Location, of course), the "Final" begins. There you should adjust to it, the Finale is not a Bang or a clearly defined Point (In the Sense of, oh here is a big Room a lot of Ammunition and save. Now comes the final boss feeling) So you should internalize exactly that again in the last Scene. -Conclusion: I am a very big Alien fan. But I tried to leave my emotional Opinion out more or less. I give insg to the Game. I give an 8.5/10th Point Deduction for a feeling "stretching final" (note my Rating in the last Point) for 1-2 bugs which mean a certain death and for the Slightly higher level of Difficulty for Beginners. The Alien is and BLEIBT TÖDLICH! This could frustrate one or the other because ammunition is scarce and the Possibilities of trying to make the Alien flee unfathomably limited. That's meckers at a very high Level, Though. The Alien feeling definitely comes up. Left Alone in the infinite wide and on a huge large space Station. It's up to you. If you buy a Game this Summer and the Genre/Story likes then it should be ON EVERY FALL Alien: Isolation.
The atmosphere of the game is completely ruined by the alien. It’s too loud! Instead of being stealthy killer who climbs the walls producing minimum of sound the alien here literary stomps. So you can hear it and get ready. Was it meant to be scary, really?
This is a must buy for every Alien fan! The game is really scary - thanks to the atmosphere and the color palette, they’re very realistic. Maybe, the game could be a little shorter but that’s not a big deal. Isolation’s worthy to play it twice.